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Hi there and thanks very much for checking out my website.  I am Comic Mummy and as my name suggests, I am a mother who grew up on a healthy diet of superhero comics.  The truth is that although I don’t read them quite as much as I used to when I was young, single and didn’t have children; I still make time to dive into my favourites like Superman, Wonder Woman, Tank Girl, Judge Dredd, Spiderwoman, Batman, Spiderman, X-Men, The Avengers etc.  You get the picture – I love comics.

In fact I would go as far as to say that the only things I love in life more than comics are my two gorgeous little boys and my very loving and kind husband.  We live in Edinburgh and I couldn’t be happier at this point in my life.  Well, there is always room for improvement, isn’t there?  But, there are no real complaints in my life.

What Can I Expect From Your Blog Comic Mummy?

That’s a very good question.  I am an avid reader of blogs and love browsing the web for interesting writers and bloggers, and I have often thought about having my own but wasn’t very sure if anyone would actually read it.  My husband Johnny was the one who suggested it actually.  “You’d be a natural at it babe!”  I kind of smirked when he said that because although it was very sweet, I genuinely thought he was either trying to keep in my good books or was only saying what he thought I wanted to hear and didn’t actually believe it.

It turns out, I was wrong.  When I said that I would think about it, he continued to inundate my Facebook chat window with links about writing and publishing blogs.  I eventually took the hint that this was something he wasn’t going to shut up about.  So, I figured there was nothing left to lose.  I have very thick skin so if uploaded stuff onto the web and no-one besides family and friends looked at it, I wouldn’t be too worried.  But, in the back of my mind I was definitely holding onto the hope that possibly people would check it out and read it.

I always knew it would be about my biggest passions in life – hence the rather childish, but very apt domain name!  But rather than just uploading unnecessary profiles of my favourite comic book superheroes and villains (there are countless of places on the web that do this much better than I ever could)  I thought I would write about the characters that I most admire and put a spin on things relevant to my life.

If you have reached this far down the page then I thank you and hope you will take a look at some of my other posts.  At the very least I hope it makes for an entertaining way to kill some time and maybe along the way you might learn something!

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