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Taking Payments on the Move


Once upon a time, taking payments meant keying the figures into a till, and putting the money in. These days, there are many more ways of taking payments, and point of sale systems can be surprisingly sophisticated. It’s no surprise, then, that the cell phone plays a part in the latest methods of payment receipt. Are you already taking credit and debit card payments? If the answer is no, you need to have a good look at your service, for consumers expect to be able to pay by card these days, and it may be that you lose business if you do not have that ability.

The fact remains that most people carry at least one card with them, and it has also been proven that they are likely to spend more if they shop by card. Thus, you can’t afford not to take payment by card! If you are already accepting card payments you still need to consider the situation, as the technology has come a long way in a very short time, hence your current system may not be the best you could use. Then there’s the need to take payments when on the move – perhaps you are a tradesman who works on site at addresses as requested – so how do you make that happen?

You Need SmartSwipe

The very latest solution is SmartSwipe, which is a cell phone credit card reader that is surprisingly versatile. It comes in the form of a small device that attaches to your phone or tablet, and which instantly turns it into a card payment station for use wherever you might need to take payments. It has been devised and is supplied by Merchant Account Solutions, a leading name in quality POS solutions and credit card payment systems, and it is a very impressive solution that could be useful for anyone.

For example, it could be used for payment in restaurants or anywhere else that does face to face business, and it could also be useful in the retail trade. Merchant Account Solutions also has a range of other POS solutions, credit card readers and software packages, so is well placed to help you improve the overall efficiency of your business in many areas.

Friendly and Professional Service

With many satisfied customers in a wide range of areas of business, Merchant Account Solutions is known for a friendly and professional service and for providing the very latest equipment and systems. They will be more than happy to talk to you and answer any questions you may have about SmartSwipe and other systems, so contact them at, and one of the team will be on hand to help with all the advice they need.

The credit card payment device is a major step forward for a wide variety of users, and represents one of the most convenient methods of payment, so don’t get left behind, get in touch now and get yourself on the road to greater efficiency.

When Turning Into A Green Monster Would Be Helpful

Bruce Banner was cursed with having two personalities after he saved a teenager from being killed by a gamma bomb, taking all of the force and radiation from the bomb.  The results of this accident as I am sure most of you will be aware is that when angered Banner would turn into a giant green monster, known as the Hulk.  It is actually a desperately a sad tale about a man who through his own scientific experimentation infects himself and turns himself into a Jekyll and Hyde type character.

The sad parts aside, I have often wondered about how different situations would turn out in life if I could turn into a giant, green She-Hulk type monster.  For example, when someone stole my parking space or parked in a family parking space without any kids in their car, I can imagine that they would change their mind and reverse out of the space if I transformed into the green monster before their eyes!  It may also teach them to be less greedy and selfish, as they don’t know who they are going to cross paths with.

Apart from confrontations and scaring idiot drivers, there would be other great advantages that would come from turning into a big monster.  As well as his super human strength, Hulk is also able to run very fast and jump very far.  This would be handy in the same way that the ability to fly that characters such as Superman and Wonder Woman have as it would mean I could get to where I needed to go in just a few giant leaps!

I also personally like the idea of being able to turn into the She-Hulk, because my husband’s favourite female character from Marvel comics has always been She-Hulk.  There is something about green skin, muscles and my long red hair that seems to tick all the right boxes for him.  So, I don’t actually think it would be a problem for our relationship.

I would also be able to use the strength and agility to do the more masculine-based DIY jobs in and outside of the house.  However, it may take some time control my strength enough so that I can use it with a certain level of finesse or I might end up initially trying to retile the roof but end up causing more damage to it in the process.

With that last point in mind, I think it is worth considering the obvious downsides.  For instance, if I got annoyed and upset over a very small and insignificant matter, I may not be able to control how I react to it.  This might mean that I overreact and go on a bashing spree around the house or neighbourhood causing untold amounts of damage and injury!  That would be a really bad way for a Wednesday afternoon to turn out!

What Would Life Be Like If I Was Superman or Wonder Woman?

The title of this blog is definitely something I have considered at many times in my life since I first picked up a DC comic featuring either of these amazing superheroes.  I don’t think you can actually read through a comic, be sucked into the characters’ lives and not think about what you would do if you had their super powers.  Superman and Wonder Woman have very similar powers it has to be said – they are like the male and female versions of the ultimate superhero in terms of strength and ability at least.

The Power Of Flight

Come on now readers, who out there has not ever wanted to be able to soar through the sky like a bird or plane?  Even people who are not particularly fond of comic books and superheroes would still admit to having had dreams about flying.  As well as being able to get where you wanted to without having to navigate through the busy inner city traffic or being forced to take long bus or train journeys; you could simply spring into the air and take yourself the most direct and therefore quickest route – across the sky.

I would definitely make good use of flying.  I would be able to go and see my mum who lives in Bristol for starters.  I could fly down every day if I wanted to for a bit of lunch and a cuppa and still have enough time to fly back home and pick up the kids from school.  I could fly to the top of Mount Snowden, the Grand Canyon, Ayers Rock, Mount Everest or even Mount Fiji whenever I needed a break from day to day life and needed to clear my head by taking in the sights, sounds and atmosphere of somewhere more exotic than Edinburgh.

Superhuman Strength

Apart from flying I think it’s fair to say that the one power that Wonder Woman and Superman possess that most of us would like is super human strength, is it not?  I mean, seriously what mother and wife wouldn’t like to have the power to lift all the shopping out of the car at once rather than having to go back and forth repeatedly from the house to the car or being able to easily lift furniture so that you can clean underneath it?

X-Ray Vision

This I have to say is a personal favourite and very handy as a suspicious, but loving, wife and mother.  I would be able to put this to good use by checking my sons bags in case they were trying to sneak their DS’s to school or to check my husband’s car to make sure he wasn’t planning on taking his golf clubs with him for a sly mid-afternoon break from work on the local course with his mates!  There are obviously other reasons why x-ray vision would be a cracking power, but I am not that sort of girl!


Would Being More Like Batman Be Helpful?

batmanObviously you can’t talk about comic books and superheroes regardless of whether you are talking about Marvel or DC without mentioning the one and only Dark Knight – Batman!  Now, understandably I can imagine that there as many people who wouldn’t like to be just like one of the darker characters in comic book history as those who would.  Bruce Wayne, the billionaire playboy does have a rather tragic past, losing both his parents when he was a young kid and thus being raised by his family’s butler.

However, there is a lot that I can’t help but love about Batman.  The world is a desperately bad place and although often the police do their job properly and bad things happen, more often than not the police and other services are underfunded which means they can’t do their job properly.  Now, I am not suggesting that we all don rubber/latex outfits and take to the streets at night with a range of high tech and ultra-cool gadgets and kick criminal scum’s butt, but you have to admit that it would get things done quicker!

Batman, although classed alongside superheroes like Flash, Wonder Woman and of course Superman, does not actually have any super powers.  He was not attacked by a radioactive bug; is not an alien from another galaxy and does not have super human abilities.  However, what he does have is scientific knowledge, expert detective skills, physical ability and agility and lots of money.  Money which he uses to design and build a stunning array of vehicles, tools and weapons that help to clean up the City of Gotham!

Can you imagine anything better than turning up to Aldi in the Batmobile?  It would kind of put to shame that snobby couple who turn up in their Range Rover!  In terms of crime fighting can you imagine not getting a kick out of chasing down a suspect who was on the run after robbing a bank and having to use your trusty grapple gun to scale tall buildings in the chase?  Once you got close enough you could use one of the famous batarangs to take the bad guy out so that you could hand him over the police when they arrived on the scene.

The thing is, even if I didn’t ever use any of those gizmos and gadgets I would love to wear Batman’s utility belt.  I don’t care what kind of looks I would get on the school run or when going to lunch with my girlie friends!  That nice utility belt would go well with my nice denim skirt, blouse and my converse trainers!

My Husband – The Real Superhero In My Life

dadAlthough comic books have always featured heavily in my life, I still see them as largely a bit of escapism.  Even when this escapism influences my real life, I don’t feel like a live in a fantasy world.  However, as I grew up comic books definitely shaped the vision I had of what the perfect man for me should be.  The characters I read about and identified the most strongly with were the ones who were strong, confident, and proactive, while being gentle, soft and kind when it counted.

It has only been in the last few years that I have realised how truly big an impact the male superheroes I read about affected the type of man I was attracted to and eventually fell in love with.  Obviously female characters such as Kitty Pryde, Jean Grey, Tank Girl and Wonder Woman influenced me in terms of who I wanted to be, the male characters had a similar impact.

I was always attracted to Wolverine because he seemed to understand what it meant to be a protector, while Professor Xavier from the X-Men was wise, intelligent and understanding.  I definitely saw bits and pieces of both these characters in my hubby when I first met him, even if it was purely on a subconscious level.  He was warm, kind, but wasn’t shy to stand up for what he believed and I always felt completely safe when we were out on a date.

Superman was another male character that I really admired and respected because of his strong moral code and sense of justice.  My husband has always shared those traits and never acts or says things that contradict his principles.  The same could be said for Captain America and Batman who also have strong ethical and moral codes and who are both very loyal.  It didn’t take many dates for us to realise how strong our connection was becoming and I knew, just had that feeling inside that he was the one.  He was the one that was going to look after me, support me, take care of me, but also respect me and let me be my own woman.

My husband can be at times arrogant, in a humorous sort of way.  It is as endearing as it is irritating.  He does realise that it is completely outrageous to act like that and in a way I think he does it just to play up to how he is “perceived”.  This arrogance I do realise now is much like that same charming arrogance that Tony Stark/Iron Man has that although it is annoying, you can’t help but like the guy!  Unless you are going up against him that is!

I think my husband will blush when he reads this post and will also probably complain that I didn’t compare him to Thor!  I will just tell him honestly that he is not a god, does not have as muscular a body as Thor, does not have a powerful hammer and is not blonde!