Why Is My Child Snoring?! Reasons and Solutions

You thought things were bad when your partner started snoring, but now those vibrating rattling noises are coming from your precious child – just how can a person so cute and tiny make such loud, annoying noises? Snoring happens when there is a blockage of airflow through your toddler’s nose and throat. The sound you can hear is the vibration of certain structures in the mouth and throat rubbing against one another. 10% of kids snore, according to the National Sleep Foundation, and there are many different reasons for it. However, you’ll want to get this issue sorted, especially if your toddler’s night time rattlings are causing vibrations and getting on your nerves. Here’s how to find a solution:

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Colds, The Flu, and Allergies

Upper respiratory infections are common culprits found behind snoring children. This happens when your child’s nose gets stuffed up and mucus blocks their airway. This creates turbulence in their airflow as it goes through the throat. Since allergies are known for causing congestion, they also might be the reason your child had started snoring.

Enlarged Adenoids or Tonsils

The adenoids are a bumpy lymph tissue located where the nose meets the throat. The tonsils are two lumps of lymph tissue located at the back of the throat. Both of these things protect your child from infections by trapping inhaled viruses and bacteria. In the process, they sometimes become infected and swollen. This means they get in the way of airflow and cause your toddler to snore.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

If the loud snoring is interrupted by pauses in breathing, your little one might have something called obstructive sleep apnea. This is a serious conditions where are can’t get through to the lungs. The pauses in breathing can sometimes last for more than 10 seconds, and this can happen many times throughout the night. This can be dangerous, break up your toddler’s sleep, and be very worrying for you. Your child can be very grumpy due to this, experience extreme fatigue, have difficulty concentrating, headaches, and growth problems. This is usually caused by enlarged tonsils or adenoids, being overweight, or having a certain facial feature like a receding chin. Usually, your child will need to stay overnight in a sleep lab to work out whether they really have this condition.


If you’ve noticed snoring paired with breathing problems, it’s a good idea to take them to a pediatrician. Here are some possible solutions:

  • Elevate your child’s head while they sleep with an extra pillow. If your child is still in a cot, place a pillow under the mattress.

  • Cpap masks and accessories are great for adults who snore, so you may be able to find the solution for your child with them too.

  • If allergies are a trigger, you’ll need to remove all allergy triggers from their room. Medication is also an option.

  • A doctor might suggest your child has their tonsils/adenoids removed surgically.

It’s important that you work out why your child is snoring and find a solution to it – don’t just ignore it!



7 Easter DIY Decoration Ideas to Make with the Kids

The easter holidays will be upon us in a matter of weeks and our children will be off school again. A two week break raises the possibility that the younger kids will become bored and need a little help with activities. The teenagers tend to keep themselves occupied with friends and video games as they are too ashamed to be seen interacting with us wrinkleys. The weather may not be good enough to play outside so the tension begins to build indoors. The kids need something to do.

What can I do to keep my young children occupied?, you may ask. Well here are a few craft ideas that you can use to hold their attention for an hour or two and pass the time a little more peacefully.

Tree of Eggs

Going with the Easter theme, how about building a tree from eggs? Is is a very simple project. All you will need is a cone, some mini eggs, a glue gun, and some hot melt glue sticks. The craft shops will be full of Easter crafting materials now so you will have no trouble finding coloured eggs. The cone can be made from cardboard. Simply glue the eggs onto the cone. Start with a ring at the bottom and work your way up. Fill any gaps by gluing in wrinkled crepe paper.

Egg Stand

This project is really cool. You will need:

  • Plastic dish
  • Large plastic plate
  • Small plastic plate
  • Cardboard tube
  1. Place the dish, upside down, on the table and glue the large plate onto the top of it.
  2. Cut a piece of tube 4 inches long and glue it vertically in the centre of the plate.
  3. Glue the small plate on top of the tube.
  4. Cut a further three inches of tube and glue it vertically in the centre of the small plate.
  5. Now you have your own stand that resembles a cake stand. Paint eggs and lay them on a bed of shredded paper, on the stand, to finish off your table centrepiece.


Egg Painting

Use acrylic paints for the children to decorate their own hard boiled eggs. The kids love doing this and come up with some fantastic designs that will amaze you.

Eggshell Vases

This is a very simple project. It involves making a hole in the pointed end of the egg big enough to place a few short flower stems in. It is a delicate procedure so make sure you have plenty of eggs to allow for breakages. Simply make the hole and empty the egg contents out. The empty shell will need to be washed out under the tap. It can then be painted. Paint an egg box to hold a few vases and send the kids out to pick flowers.

Egg Garland

The kids may need a little help with the egg garland. Using the same plastic eggs you used for the tree, make a hole through them at the fat end of the egg. Using a darning needle and some wool, the children can thread the eggs until they end up with an attractive garland. Knott the wool at each end to prevent the eggs coming off and the garland can be either hung or simply placed on a table as a great work of art.

Easter Chick

Using yellow wool and two rings of cardboard, make two pom-poms, one larger than the other, in the traditional way. Sew them together to act as the chick’s head and body. Now the kids can glue on cardboard eyes and a beak. Set the chicks in a nest of crepe paper.

Rabbit Garland

Use decorative paper or card to cut out bunny shapes. These can then be threaded through holes on their ears, onto a ribbon. This is a very quick project. The garland can be strung wherever you choose in your house.

There are hundreds of projects you can undertake with the kids over Easter, these are only a few. Hopefully the holidays will fly by and your sanity will prevail, but get some wine in just in case. We all need a little help sometimes.


Fun Ways to Teach Your Kiddies German


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If you’ve wanted your children to learn a new language for a long time, but you haven’t known how to go about teaching them, this article is exactly what you’ve been looking for. You see; being a supermom or superdad is great when you’re playing and having fun, but you need to carry that enthusiasm over to the field of education. Unfortunately, most schools don’t start with language classes until your kids are over the age of eleven. Although they probably will learn a few words and phrases at that time, their minds are much more likely to understand new information when they’re younger.

With that in mind, this post has been constructed with a view to assisting you when teaching foreign languages from an early age. Thankfully, you aren’t going to need your superpowers for this one, so put those x-ray specs down, remove that invisibility cloak and call your children into the room. Today, you’re going to hear about a couple of techniques that might help them to learn German. Excited? You should be.

Use Modern Technology

These days, there are a number of computer games aimed at teaching language to kids, and as they spend so much time on the PC, PS4 or Xbox anyway, you might as well encourage them to use an educational game. Don’t worry though, most of those products tend to teach via slightly underhand means, so the little ones probably won’t even realise they’re learning another language. Alternatively, websites like http://learngerman24.net/ can be a great place to start.

Hold Competitions (with prizes)

Most kids are terribly competitive, and so turning learning into a competition could be one of the best ways of making them learn. How about this? Every morning, give your children five new German words or phrases to learn. If they manage to recite them perfectly to you after dinner, you let them have ice cream for dessert. Although some parents find using psychology on their children to be a little unfair, in truth, this is a proven technique, almost guaranteed to produce the kind of results you’re after.

Book A Trip To Germany

It can be difficult for children to even understand the concept of foreign languages, so taking them to the country in question to explore is usually a good way of helping them to gain some perspective on their education. Also, this will make learning become more straightforward and fun. Whilst you’re over in Germany, be sure to visit all the sights. There are some pretty amazing museums, and stunning restaurants you really must try. Incidentally, encouraging your child to order meals and deal with entrance fees at museums could also improve their skills.

If all else fails, and you really want your kids to become fluent speakers, just refuse to speak any English at home until they understand.  Also, you’d be surprised how quickly children learn when you switch all their computer language settings to German. Call of Duty won’t be the same until they pick up the lingo.

Good luck!

What’s fun about online games?

online slots

by  iotae 

There are millions of people who login to casino sites around the world every day. And the majority aren’t going there to try the vast selection of games that are available, just as you’d find in any land-based casino – like roulette, baccarat, blackjack or poker. No, most players are at online casinos to play the category of games that has always proved to be the most popular in the land-based casinos too – slots.

The one-armed bandits used to take up acres of space in the Las Vegas casinos and they were always mobbed. Even now, the slots sections in casinos are always packed and busy. And the same goes for at online casinos like 32red. So why is it that so many of us are attracted to playing slots online?


You just need to take a quick look at what a huge variety of games is offered on a casino site to see that there’s a pretty endless choice of differently themed games. Whether you’re into comic book superheroes or you prefer the old fashioned fruit machine style slots, you’ll find a game to suit you. As an example, there are more than 300 32red slots to choose from, and new games are always being added to the site.

The prize potential

When you play slots, you’re not just playing because the games are fun and entertaining. They’re both of these things but they may also bring you a life-changing amount of money if you’re lucky enough to land a jackpot win. That’s what draws so many people in. And since slots have been online, the prize amounts have just kept on growing, especially on the progressive games where players at lots of different casino sites are all feeding a percentage of their bets into the prize fund. The winning combination of symbols could land at any time, so anyone could be a winner, whether it’s their first time playing the game or their hundredth time.


The other big draw of playing slots is that you can play them anywhere, at home, in the office or on the move. Most casino sites only have some of their games available in mobile format, and many of these are slots, so they’re often a popular way to pass the time on the way to or from work. You can also play a few spins when you’ve just got a couple of minutes to spare – waiting for the kids to come out of their after-school classes, or while you’re waiting for an appointment.

It’s so easy to play slots

Slots are a great choice if you want to unwind and relax – there’s no need for you to think about a strategy. Nothing can affect the outcome of the spin of the reels as random number generator software controls the game. So, all you need to do is decide how much to bet per spin – unless you’re just playing for fun in demo mode, where you don’t place real money bets.

Slots are easy to play, accessible and offer endless variety. It’s no wonder so many people enjoy playing them!

Even Superheroes and Villains Need a Holiday…


Super Sun,

It’s exhausting waking up to find some egomaniac tearing your neighbourhood apart, or some superstar with shining teeth pounding your minions for the fourth time this week. When that happens you need to be up and at ‘em, not pulling the covers up over your head and hoping the screaming stops soon. If that’s what you’re doing, then you need a holiday.


I know what you’re thinking: secret lair. Something under an active volcano, with all that geothermal power. Free power, limitless power! Power, yes, for the robotic factories, then you can have as many Spinning whatchamacallits of Doom as you want! Yes, enough even to stop Ki-

Stop it, señor. Forget about the annoying teenager and her forgettable sidekick. You could be lying on a Greek island beach, listening to the waves rolling onto the shore. A soft sound like the sea will soon soothe your mind. You’ll have lots of sun, and endless blue skies. Yes there are some tourist traps. Mmm, traps. Stop it! If your diabolical mind starts to stir, then divert it with ancient Greek culture.

We Are Sailing

You’re thinking a ship would be perfect for collecting the life in the dark depths, and it could hold a secret lab. You’re thinking you could collect manta-rays and transform them into something resembling those alien dragons.

You’ve been spending far too much time in your secret lair. Modern cruises are fun! There’ll be lots of people around, people of all different ages, professions and outlooks for you to meet. Make some friends and have some fun together. With Royal Caribbean Cruises there’s lots of activities, dining for all tastes, even theatre, and all with an endlessly changing backdrop.


You’re probably thinking of some monastery in the mountains with high, white walls. Something that blends in with the snow so well you wouldn’t see it unless you got close. Some place that looks like a haven for the just, but has been quietly perverted by some shape-shifting master of…

Hold it right there, Jack. Not every retreat holds despicable minions waiting to march down upon the innocent in a torrent of destruction. There are quiet places all over the world you can go to do just about anything you can imagine. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, nutrition, or anything else that brings you peace, it’s out there just waiting to be found.


When you head back to your life of heroic heroism or villainous villainy, it’ll be these lives that seem unreal. That’s how good today’s super-holidays can be.


2014’s Funniest Childrens Books

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Thanks to the rise of digital book stores, it’s now easier and cheaper than ever to get hold of amazing titles for our kids. We must all work hard to encourage the little ones to take up reading, as this can seriously affect their level of intelligence in later life. Also, preparing their minds for self education now is vital. Most people struggle in their adult life when it comes to learning from books without guidance, but at the end of the day, this is a skill, so teaching it now is definitely a wise move.

All this said; there’s no need to force boring and uninspiring titles on your kids at this young age. You should be happy to see them reading anything, so it’s usually best to seek out the funniest and most entertaining publications of the moment. With that in mind, I’ve written this short post to highlight some of this year’s most promising releases for children. After reading through, hopefully you’ll find something suitable to keep yours entertained during the remainder of the spring. All the titles mentioned can be obtained from sainsburysebooks.co.uk and any other major seller.

Horrid Henry Meets The Queen by Francesca Simon

I think it was probably during the early 90’s when I first encountered the Horrid Henry series, and since then popularity has increased significantly, leading inevitably to a rather well received TV series. Even so, Henery still hasn’t lost any of his charm, and in this new title he travels to visit the Queen with mischief on his mind. Some sneaky tricks and light hypnosis later, Henry finds himself in a bit of a mess, but will he get his own way at bathtime? Only one way to find out!

The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog by Jeremy Strong

Looking for a bit of pocket money to spend with his friends during the school holidays, Trevor turns to his long suffering mother who offers him £30 if he walks the dog every single day. Trevor jumps at the opportunity, but, unfortunately, soon realises his friendly pooch can run at over one hundred miles per hour. After enlisting the help of a close friend, the pair try to keep the dog under control with very humorous consequences. A perfect light read for anyone under the age of 14.

Billionaire Boy by David Walliams

The Little Britain comedian come childrens author David Walliams has really excelled himself this time. With enough money to buy himself a gold plated horse, you would think Joe had everything he wanted. Unfortunately, your own cinema, bowling alley, money and butler simply don’t cut the mustard. As Joe soon realises, nothing can be a substitute for real friends. As he sets out on a journey to find some real people for a change we’re left asking; will Joe ever find a real buddy? And, Is it even possible when you’ve got a billion pounds?

If none of the titles I’ve just mentioned sound appealing, just get yourself on over to one of the major online bookselling websites and take a browse around. I can personally recommend anything by David Walliams, as he is one of the most popular authors at the moment. His previous publications “Gangsta Granny” and “Mr Stink” have become worldwide bestsellers, and even turned into short films. That said; your tastes are your own.

I hope you enjoyed reading, see you next time!

The Batcave – Relaxation Tips for Comic-Loving Parents

Oh, boy, taking care of kids can really wear you out. They’re amazing, with minds full of wonder – minds often happily stimulated by comic books. But to avoid becoming Deadpool’s annoying yellow-box commentators and sounding endlessly droll, it’s important to take some time out from the little ones and relax to keep yourself happy and – at the very least – mentally healthy.


Firstly, actually schedule the time! One of the reasons I find I don’t actually relax or find time to do anything I want to do is because I’m not actually keeping track of when and where I’m supposed to be at any one time. When it comes to other people, or kids, organization is far more straightforward, because you’re responsible for being there for someone else. But when it’s just time for you, it’s so easy to lose track of time and find you’ve lost your spare hours to just sitting around or doing other things!

Be flexible 

That’s not to say you can’t be flexible, but it’s nice to carve out some time on a regular basis, even if it isn’t as rigid as “every second Friday from six to eleven at night.” One of the things I carve time out for is gaming, because I find it’s a really efficient way for the comic fan in me to get in some time as a super powered hero and really unwind by defeating the forces of evil and racking up some fake internet points for various achievements as I go.


Choose your game carefully 

Most comic book writers say little about how their characters relax, but in the modern world we can be sure they’ll probably be playing computer games. Some people really like hardcore arcade games like OlliOlli, and you can imagine the super-intense Batman playing that. But not all superheroes are so highly strung! Wonder Woman is laid back in comparison, so she’s more likely to want to de-stress through the occasional game of bingo – perhaps dipping in and out of Cheekybingo.com which features its very own purple haired cartoon femme fatale.

Micro-adventures with a good café 

All superheroes need to have real adventures away from the screen. Especially if you have you have some little villains of your own, getting out their and entertaining the little ones is made much easier if they are taken care of for a bit and you can sit in the café and have a cup of tea while enjoying the newspaper. Just don’t let it turn into that bit in Superman III, where Supey is drunk in some New York bar and super-flicking peanuts into beer bottles which then explode.

Children’s comics 

Most of us get into comics when we’re young, but it’s also a matter of finding the right comics. This is a good thing as most parents will find it very comforting to know that your child is sitting reading a comic book. They are safe, quiet and expanding their love of the written word and appreciation of the power of the image. It’s also quite comforting to know that you and your progeny share a love of such a subtle, enjoyable and versatile art form.

When Turning Into A Green Monster Would Be Helpful

Bruce Banner was cursed with having two personalities after he saved a teenager from being killed by a gamma bomb, taking all of the force and radiation from the bomb.  The results of this accident as I am sure most of you will be aware is that when angered Banner would turn into a giant green monster, known as the Hulk.  It is actually a desperately a sad tale about a man who through his own scientific experimentation infects himself and turns himself into a Jekyll and Hyde type character.

The sad parts aside, I have often wondered about how different situations would turn out in life if I could turn into a giant, green She-Hulk type monster.  For example, when someone stole my parking space or parked in a family parking space without any kids in their car, I can imagine that they would change their mind and reverse out of the space if I transformed into the green monster before their eyes!  It may also teach them to be less greedy and selfish, as they don’t know who they are going to cross paths with.

Apart from confrontations and scaring idiot drivers, there would be other great advantages that would come from turning into a big monster.  As well as his super human strength, Hulk is also able to run very fast and jump very far.  This would be handy in the same way that the ability to fly that characters such as Superman and Wonder Woman have as it would mean I could get to where I needed to go in just a few giant leaps!

I also personally like the idea of being able to turn into the She-Hulk, because my husband’s favourite female character from Marvel comics has always been She-Hulk.  There is something about green skin, muscles and my long red hair that seems to tick all the right boxes for him.  So, I don’t actually think it would be a problem for our relationship.

I would also be able to use the strength and agility to do the more masculine-based DIY jobs in and outside of the house.  However, it may take some time control my strength enough so that I can use it with a certain level of finesse or I might end up initially trying to retile the roof but end up causing more damage to it in the process.

With that last point in mind, I think it is worth considering the obvious downsides.  For instance, if I got annoyed and upset over a very small and insignificant matter, I may not be able to control how I react to it.  This might mean that I overreact and go on a bashing spree around the house or neighbourhood causing untold amounts of damage and injury!  That would be a really bad way for a Wednesday afternoon to turn out!

What Would Life Be Like If I Was Superman or Wonder Woman?

The title of this blog is definitely something I have considered at many times in my life since I first picked up a DC comic featuring either of these amazing superheroes.  I don’t think you can actually read through a comic, be sucked into the characters’ lives and not think about what you would do if you had their super powers.  Superman and Wonder Woman have very similar powers it has to be said – they are like the male and female versions of the ultimate superhero in terms of strength and ability at least.

The Power Of Flight

Come on now readers, who out there has not ever wanted to be able to soar through the sky like a bird or plane?  Even people who are not particularly fond of comic books and superheroes would still admit to having had dreams about flying.  As well as being able to get where you wanted to without having to navigate through the busy inner city traffic or being forced to take long bus or train journeys; you could simply spring into the air and take yourself the most direct and therefore quickest route – across the sky.

I would definitely make good use of flying.  I would be able to go and see my mum who lives in Bristol for starters.  I could fly down every day if I wanted to for a bit of lunch and a cuppa and still have enough time to fly back home and pick up the kids from school.  I could fly to the top of Mount Snowden, the Grand Canyon, Ayers Rock, Mount Everest or even Mount Fiji whenever I needed a break from day to day life and needed to clear my head by taking in the sights, sounds and atmosphere of somewhere more exotic than Edinburgh.

Superhuman Strength

Apart from flying I think it’s fair to say that the one power that Wonder Woman and Superman possess that most of us would like is super human strength, is it not?  I mean, seriously what mother and wife wouldn’t like to have the power to lift all the shopping out of the car at once rather than having to go back and forth repeatedly from the house to the car or being able to easily lift furniture so that you can clean underneath it?

X-Ray Vision

This I have to say is a personal favourite and very handy as a suspicious, but loving, wife and mother.  I would be able to put this to good use by checking my sons bags in case they were trying to sneak their DS’s to school or to check my husband’s car to make sure he wasn’t planning on taking his golf clubs with him for a sly mid-afternoon break from work on the local course with his mates!  There are obviously other reasons why x-ray vision would be a cracking power, but I am not that sort of girl!


Would Being More Like Batman Be Helpful?

batmanObviously you can’t talk about comic books and superheroes regardless of whether you are talking about Marvel or DC without mentioning the one and only Dark Knight – Batman!  Now, understandably I can imagine that there as many people who wouldn’t like to be just like one of the darker characters in comic book history as those who would.  Bruce Wayne, the billionaire playboy does have a rather tragic past, losing both his parents when he was a young kid and thus being raised by his family’s butler.

However, there is a lot that I can’t help but love about Batman.  The world is a desperately bad place and although often the police do their job properly and bad things happen, more often than not the police and other services are underfunded which means they can’t do their job properly.  Now, I am not suggesting that we all don rubber/latex outfits and take to the streets at night with a range of high tech and ultra-cool gadgets and kick criminal scum’s butt, but you have to admit that it would get things done quicker!

Batman, although classed alongside superheroes like Flash, Wonder Woman and of course Superman, does not actually have any super powers.  He was not attacked by a radioactive bug; is not an alien from another galaxy and does not have super human abilities.  However, what he does have is scientific knowledge, expert detective skills, physical ability and agility and lots of money.  Money which he uses to design and build a stunning array of vehicles, tools and weapons that help to clean up the City of Gotham!

Can you imagine anything better than turning up to Aldi in the Batmobile?  It would kind of put to shame that snobby couple who turn up in their Range Rover!  In terms of crime fighting can you imagine not getting a kick out of chasing down a suspect who was on the run after robbing a bank and having to use your trusty grapple gun to scale tall buildings in the chase?  Once you got close enough you could use one of the famous batarangs to take the bad guy out so that you could hand him over the police when they arrived on the scene.

The thing is, even if I didn’t ever use any of those gizmos and gadgets I would love to wear Batman’s utility belt.  I don’t care what kind of looks I would get on the school run or when going to lunch with my girlie friends!  That nice utility belt would go well with my nice denim skirt, blouse and my converse trainers!