How to Engage Millennial Shoppers Using Bespoke Cotton Bags



As branding and promotional items continue to grow, you can design your own cotton bags to help your business stand out. This comes with many advantages, including the ability to customise those bags in order to attract different types of buyers. If you’re looking to engage with the millennial market, make sure you follow these tips.

Take Advantage of Social Media

It’s no secret that millennials tend to be on social media a lot more than members of older generations. In fact, a predicted 81% of them are on Facebook and around 43.5% use social media to spread information about businesses that they visit. Make sure you add a small reminder to like or follow your business on social media platforms if you want to reap the full rewards of millennial word-of-mouth.

Add a QR Code

When you’re designing your cotton bag, think about including a QR code. These are those grids of white and black that, when scanned with a smartphone, can provide information to users. You can add a QR code, for example, that will take customers who scan theirs to a page on your website with offers aimed at previous customers. This lets you interact with customers once they have left and helps encourage repeat business.

Flaunt Your Eco-Friendly Credentials

One of the most important reasons for using cotton bags is that they are far better for the environment than traditional plastic bags, which tended to last only once or twice and cannot be biodegraded. In contrast, cotton bags can be used for years and then recycled. Millennials tend to have strong feelings about the environment, so using cotton bags will appeal to them.

Build Your Brand

Millennial shoppers are increasingly drawn to smaller brands rather than large multi-nationals. This creates an opportunity for any smaller company that wants to stand out from the crowd. Millennials like to be seen as unique, and they want their shopping choices to reflect that, so make sure you design eye-catching and unique bags that can add to your brand. This will help younger customers view your business as one that has its own little story to tell.

Millennials can be incredibly brand-loyal once you get them on your side, so investing in some bespoke cotton bags and taking the advice listed above can help your business thrive if millennials are your ideal customers.

Booking a Family Holiday in 2017



It’s not easy for any family to afford to go on a holiday abroad, especially when you have two or three kids. It can take months even years to save, but aside from the cost it serves for much needed fun time and relaxation. Let’s look at the top tips for booking your family summer holiday in 2017:



Try haggling with the tour operator

You’ve found where and when you want to go but it’s just not within your budget.  Well, get your haggling hat on cause you’ll need to be prepared to drive a hard bargain here. Many think that haggling is so 80’s found on market stalls but they could be paying more than they need to. All you need to do is research the cost of your preferred date and destination of travel

And remember tour operators make holidays, travel agents sell them. That means the same holiday can be different prices at different agents. Try to negotiate in price per person, not total cost, as discounts will seem less to the travel agent.

Travel later in the summer

Most families will want to travel in the first two weeks of the school break which means you can pay up to double what a package deal would be the rest of the year. If you can try and travel on dates that won’t be as popular such as the last two weeks of the summer. You’ll find that travel will be much cheaper especially to family friendly destinations like Florida or Mediterranean resorts. Or, if you children aren’t at school yet, take a holiday when others can’t, such as travelling before half-term in May and June to family destinations such as Florida, and you’ll get a better price.

Go somewhere a bit different

The Costas, Balearics, Portugal and parts of Greece have traditionally been popular with British families for decades due to their facilities, beautiful beaches and nearby tourist attractions. These are bound to always be at the higher end of your budget, so try going places where demand is low. For example Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia all have sprawling luxury beach resorts with large empty hotels. Once thriving resorts, due to recent factors the tourism market in these countries dropped by almost 50%, so tour operators have stacks of bookings and seats on planes to give away.

This applies to destinations off the beaten track that aren’t popular with the masses yet, although be aware capacity at these may be more limited. Opting for Croatia or Bulgaria rather than Greece, for example, can really bring down the cost of your trip. Or, if you don’t fancy a package, city breaks tend to cost less in summer, as cities are less obvious destinations.

Search online

You’ll need to be on the ball, but comparison sites such as travelsupermarket and trivago offer great deals which beat comparison sites for a short time. Try Holiday Pirates who specialise in deals on holidays, flights and hotels. Others worth checking out are Travelzoo and Secret Escapes. Packages will go on sale with exclusive discounts and offers for a short period, sometimes even only 12 hours so you need to know your budget and you’re travelling dates before you start your search.

If you are fortunate to have someone to look after your little cherubs while you escape to the sun, check out these latest discount codes from iconic holiday group Club Med – just search for club med deals.

Why Have Cotton Bags Become So Popular?




You might have noticed that cotton bags have become a lot more popular recently. Cotton bags are our being widely used by supermarkets and high street shops alike, and so you will have noticed the increased demand. Here are just five reasons why we think they’ve become so sought-after.

1. Eco-Friendly

In our opinion, the hands-down, number-one reason for the recent popularity of cotton bags is that they are eco-friendly. After all, this just wasn’t something that consumers were particularly bothered about a few short years ago, but now it’s seen as vital. Cotton is natural, biodegradable, and recyclable, so it fits perfectly with the 21st century’s urge towards the eco-friendly.

2. Comfort and Style

Going environmentally-friendly is great, but it’s even better when you can make the switch in style. Plastic bags for life are all well and good, but they just aren’t quite as attractive as those made from cotton, which is also far softer to the touch.

3. Utility

Cotton is soft and light, but it’s also incredibly strong. You can load one of our cotton bags up with as many books as it will hold and still not worry about rips and splits. If you can carry it, the cotton bag will be able to carry it just as well. As an added plus, cottons boasts exceptional longevity, and you can easily bring it back to prime condition just by throwing it in the washing machine.

4. Novelty

Cotton bags are popular, but they’re far from ever-present. Even though more shops are providing them, it’s still far cooler and more memorable when you’re handed a cotton bag instead of a boring old plastic one, whether you’re buying books or receiving promotional items.

5. Branding

The points listed above pretty well cover why customers have developed a love affair with cotton over plastic, but it isn’t just the customers who are benefiting. Businesses themselves love cotton bags because of the chance to add attractive branding and stand out from the crowd. Thanks to the longevity of cotton bags, they can continue reinforcing their brand for years to come.

Full Service Moving Company LA



Whether you are moving home or need a commercial relocation, you need to find a company that you can trust. Preferably, you need one that has built a reputation for excellent service and sensible rates, and if you are in or around Los Angeles, the name you need to remember is undoubtedly Attention to Detail Moving. The number 1 choice in moving companies in the city since 2011, they have a proven track record for superb service and quality solutions, and they can help you with any moving requirements you may have, no matter how large or small.

One of the most troublesome elements of moving, whether it is a house or office move, is the stress that comes with it, and you can rest assured that the best moving service in Los Angeles will be sure to do all they can to take away the stress that comes naturally. With a team comprised of highly skilled, fully trained handlers, many of who are ex-military and bring to the table the specific detailed skills that make the company the leading player in the game, you are treated to expert service at all times, and they will do their best to complete the job as quickly as possible.

If you are moving long distance than you need not worry, for Attention to Detail can help; they provide the premier long-distance moving solutions in LA, and are on hand to provide you with the service you need. They will handle all your packing requirements, too, so your precious items will be fully protected for the journey. With expert attention and due care at all times, you will be joining a long list of satisfied customers who have already taken advantage of this spectacularly impressive service and superb rates.

As the most prominent full service moving company in the city you can be certain your move will be carried out with as little disruption to your daily routine as possible, and the friendly operatives are there to help however they can. If you need storage, either for a short period or for a long time, then you can take advantage of the Attention to Detail storage solution, which offers a secure facility at excellent monthly rates. Check out the full range of services on the website, where you will find plenty of information and testimonials from satisfied clients.

Moving home or office need not be as stressful as it can be when you use the services of this professional, expert company for your moving requirements. You will be treated to a smooth operation that is seamless and well-planned, and you can get a free no obligation quote by filling in the online form, or they will arrange for one of the team to visit your premises and assess the job accurately. Planning in advance is always a sensible option when it comes to moving, so why not contact Attention to Detail Moving right away, and make sure you have one important job ticked off your list of things to do.

Get Your Wardrobe Ready for Winter

Colder months are upon us. As fall slowly creeps in, it won’t be long before winter comes in all its glory as well. Also, now is a perfect time to reorganize and refresh your wardrobe so that you’re completely ready to say goodbye to summer and warm sunny days. As you start replacing your summer clothes with those that are more appropriate for winter and fall, make sure to check whether every garment is in a good condition and whether you need to buy something new for the upcoming season.

Prep The Shoes

It’s very important that your winter boots and other shoes for colder weather are nice, clean and water resistant. Before you put them in your wardrobe or shoe cabinet, make sure to thoroughly clean any stains or dirt that stuck to your footwear. Also, conditioning them with a special balm will make them look as good as new and polish them nicely. In case that you need to get yourself a new pair of winter shoes, make sure to always go for warmth and comfort and seek the ones that are marketed as water resistant.

Get The Sweaters Out

Everyone enjoys sweater weather. Therefore, remember to take your winter sweaters out from the storage and air them properly. If necessary, give them a good wash as well. By doing that now you’ll be able to see if the sweaters have any pills so that you can trim them with scissors or remove them with a fabric shaver. Remember to leave wardrobe freshener inside. That way your sweaters will always have a nice smell and you could even make your own wardrobe freshener as a fun DIY project.

Stock Up on Basics

Even though you love your wool sweaters and jumper dresses, make sure that you also have enough basic pieces in your wardrobe. In this regard, if you have to buy something new, go for the basics first. Layering your clothes will not only make you trendy but warm as well. Together with interesting scarves and flattering cardigans, your outfits will look a lot more put together while the chills won’t be able to get you down.

Check Your Coat

If you already own a fine coat, make sure to freshen it up by getting it to dry cleaner’s or airing it out. Of course, de-lint your coat with a good coat brush so that it doesn’t look worn out and messy. On the other hand, if you decide that it’s time to buy a new coat, make sure to consider investing a bit more money in the purchase. Good quality outwear is worth the investment because that way you’ll be able to get the most use out of it for many cold seasons to come. What’s more, if you go for a timeless design, you’ll definitely manage to look fashionable and elegant in the future as well.

Wash The Accessories

Some might say that the accessories make the whole outfit. If you want to rock your fashionable hats, scarves and gloves this winter, make sure to give them a good wash. Most people neglect washing these accessories, which can cause skin irritations over time. Remember, hat touches your hair and forehead, gloves touch the skin on your hands while you’d usually wrap the scarf around your neck and chin and sometimes even mouth. Therefore, you don’t want any source of bacteria from these accessories.

With everything said and done, try to properly organize your wardrobe and either invest in or make your own storage solutions. That way, your garments will be neatly kept and you’ll know exactly where everything is. For storing your summer clothes away, consider putting them in vacuum bags so that they don’t take up a lot of space.

Are Over-The-Counter Teeth Whitening Products Good For You?



This is quite an interesting question. One of the big problems that appear when looking at tooth whitening is the high price that is associated with the procedure when done by cosmetic dentists like While prices are lower than they ever were, this does not mean that they are still not too high. You do want to be sure that you consider the alternatives as the truth is that in many cases we see that people cannot afford the professional help offered by the cosmetic dentists.

The alternative that is normally mentioned is given by over-the-counter teeth whitening products that can be bought from different health stores and also from the internet. Just as with everything that you would buy over-the-counter, the truth is that there are some products that are really good and some products that are pretty bad. This led to the appearance of many misconceptions.

Teeth Whitening Products Can Be Good For You

Believe it or not, for most people a home teeth whitening kit is more than enough. The products that are available now are normally based on hydrogen peroxide. You simply add the product based on the indications of the manufacturer to the teeth and there is a great possibility that the teeth will end up looking whiter.

The only problem is that some of the teeth whitening products you can buy over-the-counter are not at all great. They are basically low quality since they do not have enough of the necessary active ingredient or you are simply faced with a product that is only advertised as being great when the truth is exactly the opposite.

When Teeth Whitening Products Do Not Work

It is normally a really good idea to talk with a cosmetic dentist before you buy over-the-counter teeth whitening products since the cause of the discoloration has to be taken into account. There are cases in which even the cosmetic dentist will have huge problems in whitening the teeth. If that is the case of the patient, it is quite obvious that you will have to avoid buying the over-the-counter products. They will simply have no chance of working.

We should also highlight the fact that you have to start by using the teeth whitening products in small quantities at first. You can gradually add more, up to a maximum highlighted by the manufacturer. If you see that one product does not work and there is no modification in the appearance of the teeth, you have to consider something else.

Read Reviews

If you decide to buy over-the-counter teeth whitening products, the best thing that you can do is look at reviews written by those that did use them in the past. It is one option that you have to take into account since the prices are simply going to be a lot lower than with the services of the cosmetic dentist. Have patience and read as many reviews as you can find. Never buy the new products or those that have bad reviews written by past users.

Bathroom Sink

Tips For Choosing That Brand New Bathroom Sink


Bathroom Sink

When it comes to buying new bathroom sinks, it can be more than a little intimidating and overwhelming, thanks to the wide array of styles, shapes and sizes available.  To help make the process a little easier, we have gathered together some of our favourite tips, which we have detailed below.

Consider Shape And Size

There is not just one standard shape and size for a bathroom sink, as there are so many options to choose from.  When looking at PlumbTile for a sink then you need to consider your bathroom’s size and what you intend on using the sink for.  If you are going to just use the sink for brushing your teeth and washing your hands in, then you don’t need a particularly big model’ however, if you know you will use it to wash delicate clothing and your hair, for instance, you will want to consider purchasing a larger more rectangular shaped sink.

Consider Usage And Setting

Where your sink will be located and how it will be used should play a part in your buying decision.  For instance if you are looking for a sink that also can double up as a storage unit, you will want to choose counter top; while if you want want a more space-saving and convenient option because your bathroom is small, you will definitely want to consider a pedestal sink.  If though you are looking for a more modern approach to your bathroom furniture, you can’t go wrong with a wall-mounted sink.  The really great thing is all the plumbing pipes will be hidden behind the wall.

Materials Used

Much like everything else mentioned in this article regarding sinks, there are so many choices, such as the materials used to make them.  Metal is obviously a very popular choice, thanks to its robust and longevity it provides.  Glass is also particularly strong, but can be challenging to keep clean, if you live in a hard water location.  There is also stone of course, but the major downside to stone is that it may need regular resealing as it can be very porous and even if it doesn’t, it is known to be very staining.

Obviously what you can afford will come into your decision too, but those above points about materials should be considered too.

Keep In Mind The Faucets

Whichever you decide upon first, whether its the faucets or the sink itself, be sure your preferred choice works well.  As most sinks nowadays come with pre-drilled tap holes, when you are looking at Dornbracht bathroom parts for instance, ensure that they will fit in the holes of your sink.  Also it is important that you are aware that many sink designs do not include pre-drilled holes for taps, as those models are meant to be used in conjunction with taps and faucets mounted above your sink.

The above list of tips is not exhaustive, but it is a good place to start from if you are feeling confused and indecisive.  The important thing is that you make a decision that you will still stand by several weeks, months and years down the line.

3 Exciting Indoor Activities For Children


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There can be many reasons we might want our children to stay indoors for the day. Sure, we’re all aware of the benefits of fresh air and exercise. But what about during bad weather? Rain and wind can all result in fevers and colds if children are allowed to play out all day. And let’s face it, they often persuade us! But the home can be as exciting and magical as a day out if we get creative. With a few quick and affordable tricks, we can transform a room in the house into a wonderland.

The Fort

It may be old-fashioned, but building a “fort” has stood the test of time. Essentially, something must serve as a canopy or several canopies. Bed sheets or blankets will do the trick. It is even possible to pitch up an actual tent indoors if it is a pop-up. Somewhere that can become a magical and inviting cavern is what you’re going for. A safe haven that can be visualised as somewhere exotic or exciting. Cushions, soft toys, and other cosy items can be perfect additions. Especially if you are all staying indoors to avoid cold weather or a storm. Drape the canopies across furniture or mount them temporarily to the walls or bookcases with the help of pins. (Heavy objects are rarely a good idea as they can be pulled out of position and become liable to fall.) Remember that you could add a theme into the mix. Perhaps with some supplies like water and snacks, you can all be explorers hiding from a dangerous wild animal. Perhaps you are on safari or trekking through the jungle. Maybe you’re a pirate crew at sea with the wind whipping at the sails of your ship. Or maybe you’re just a wild family living in a deserted forest! Whatever your scenario, add a few props like leaves and twigs, or stuffed animals. The fun can last all day and even into the night. Be sure that nothing electric is touching fabrics or flammable items. Let your imagination run wild!

Get Artistic

Most children love the opportunity to paint or draw. The vibrant colours and tantalising textures appeal to many ages. They can express themselves and choose a subject that they like. It might be animals, transport like planes and cars, or a favourite character. The important thing here is to feel uninhibited, so take any safety and tidying precautions ahead of time. Cover any sensitive surfaces and remove any precious objects or fabrics! Have a variety of materials available. Watercolours, finger paints, felt tips and pencils are all inviting and distinctive. You could play some music and ask the children to paint what it reminds them of. Or you could tell them a story and ask them to illustrate something from it. With squash and sandwiches at lunch you can make a whole day of it! Your child may even discover a passion or talent they didn’t know they had.

Simple cookery

Another opportunity to enjoy textures can be simple cookery. Making biscuits, cakes or even a simple fruit salad can be a lovely way to keep children occupied. The smells and sensations can be exciting and engaging for many different ages. Check out suitable recipes ahead of time and you may already have the ingredients in the store cupboard!

Doing Up Your Home With Kids Around

Whether it’s full-on renovations or just a new lick of paint, doing up the home with nobody around is challenge enough. Once you add a child or three? Chaos! However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Read on for some ideas for making the tasks a whole lot more manageable and a whole lot less stressful.

Wherever possible, ensure your little ones still have a place to play and run around. They’ll get irritated if you keep shouting “don’t touch that… don’t go in there”- and so will you! Instead, give them a set room or area each day they can be in. Move all of their toys into there so they have everything they might need. One of the major advantages of doing renovations in the summer is that your garden our outside space can become your home too. If you were considering buying a climbing frame, slide or paddling pool once the renovations were done, buy it now instead. That way the kids will have something new and exciting to occupy themselves with. This means that you can get on with the adult stuff inside!


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It should be a priority to work with a reputable company. Look for good reviews and ones that mention fast turnaround times and hard-working staff. Also, plug for a company who actively label themselves as fast workers. This means that their reputation is built around providing this.

The Renovation Company are one such company who say that most home projects can be completed within 4-6 weeks; impressive!

Wherever you can, try to keep your living room in shape. Chances are the whole family spends a lot of time in here; the kids play on the carpet, and you watch TV in the evenings. Long-term disruption here can really be felt.

Same goes for their bedrooms. Not only will they lose a place to play, it could also affect how they sleep. This means grumpy kids the next morning; not fun for anyone! Don’t let tasks in their bedroom linger. Get them done straight away.

On the topic of sleep, if you have very young kids, make the most of their nap time! If you’re exhausted from wallpapering all morning, you might be tempted to have a nap yourself! But these moments are precious. You can get a lot more done if you are free to focus on the task at hand. It will also free up more time to spend with the kids when they do wake up.

Another priority should be their safety. Ensure you have explained to them very clearly that there might be tools in the house that are dangerous. Make it clear that they are not to touch them or play with them. Of course, you will be doing your best to keep them out of reach anyway. However, in the chaos of home renovating or decorating, sometimes this is hard. Make it into a game; if your kids see’s something where it shouldn’t be, like an open paint pot or a power tool, have them tell you. Give them a reward in exchange to say well done and thank you. This will give you extra motivation to not leave anything lying around!

Building A Living Room Perfect For Toddlers

When you have children, every aspect of your home life changes. However, the living room is arguably the biggest source of alteration. This is the space where you are most likely to spend the bulk of your days as a family. As such, ti should be the starting point for any home improvement task.

There are many different aspects to consider, but the safety of your children has to be the main concern. Toddlers and small children have a fantastic ability to find danger. They are particularly clumsy on their feet. Therefore, covering sharp table edges with foam solutions is vital. This one trick could save you from an unwanted trip to the hospital.



Other safety precautions can be taken too. One of the key elements is to ensure that the room isn’t unnecessarily cluttered. Floor space is your friend. Simple ideas like mounting your TV on the wall can claim back space. Moreover, it keeps it out of reach, which can be very beneficial.

Along with safety, you want your family to feel comfortable. Having the right temperature is one of the most crucial elements to consider. HVAC specialists can ensure that your solutions are operating as they should. Those repair jobs will make a huge difference to your daily lives, and they’re a lot cheaper than replacements.

You should look to embrace natural light. However, maintaining your privacy is vital too. Window films are a great option as they provide translucent light. Besides, those patterns can give the room an enjoyable aesthetic too.

Back to your toddlers, and it’s important to accept that accidents will happen. This is just one of the many reasons for choosing vinyl flooring. As far as interior design choices are concerned, this is arguably the most crucial. Use this flooring to set the tone of your room, and you should gain a lovely contemporary vibe.



With accidents in mind, you may want to buy throws or covers for sofas too. Seeing your expensive seating ruined by a spillage is a nightmare. Besides, those cushions and other items can be used to help blend furniture with the wall colours.

But you must also remember to make the room safe by covering electrical sockets. Kids can gain a curiosity with those sockets. Telling them about the dangers is one thing. Actively stopping it is a far more effective solution, though. You must make this your aim. Setting aside a play area can be very beneficial. But only if you have the space for it. If you don’t, you’ll just need to keep a watchful eye.

Ultimately, you just want the living room to be safe and happy. Using canvas prints and family photographs will brighten up the home with far greater impact than any furniture or accessory. After all, it’s the people in your home that make it so special. The sooner you bring those feelings to the living room, the better.

As long as your little ones are comfortable in their surroundings, you’re doing a fine job.