Why Audiobooks Can be Just as Good as Physical Books

You’ve probably heard of audio books by now. Some people argue that audio books are ‘cheating’, when in comparison to normal books. While holding a physical book and getting lost in it is definitely hard to beat, audio books can be just as good as them. They both have their pros and cons, but audiobooks definitely shouldn’t be classed as cheating! Read on to learn more about audio books and why many people love them:


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Understand Books You Wouldn’t Have Picked Up Previously

If you’ve ever kind of wanted to read a book, but suspected you wouldn’t understand it, you can download the audiobook and listen instead. There’s something about listening to a book that just makes things much easier. You’re also more likely to continue listening too, rather than put it down when things get a little complicated. Books like Alice in Wonderland and Moby Dick are difficult to read because of the way they are written, but an audio book can help you to understand much better. A lot of people talk about A Game of Thrones, and how amazing that is. However, instead of reading the books or watching it on the TV, you can listen with A Song of Ice and Fire Audiobook download. This way, you can say you’ve read the book. A lot of people like to read books before the TV adapted version of things, as the book is often a lot better. You can then compare the two! You’ll be able to finish an audiobook much faster than a physical book too.

They Help Get ‘Non-readers’ Into Reading

Do you consider yourself to be a ‘non reader’? If so, you’re not alone. Many people think that they don’t enjoy reading, when they haven’t really given it a chance. With audiobooks, you don’t need to sit down and commit to reading, you can just listen. Many people prefer listening to books, as they can totally relax. In fact, people who once considered themselves as ‘non readers’ now consider themselves to be readers after listening to an audiobook that they loved. They either do all of their reading through audiobooks, or read physical books they think they will enjoy thanks to audiobooks.

Listen While Doing Just About Anything

Anything you do that requires you use your hands; gardening, cooking, and cleaning for example, is taking away from valuable reading time. If you love reading stories and want to get through as many as possible, audiobooks should be a dream come true for you! You can utilise the times you can’t read a physical book by listening to one instead.

Enjoy a Book Read out by a Famous Person

Audio books aren’t read out by boring narrators. In fact, many of them are read out by quite famous people. You could be listening to an audiobook read out by Matt Damon, or even by the person who actually wrote the book. Some people are famous purely for reading out popular books.

What are you waiting for? Get your audiobook and see what the fuss is all about!


How to Decide Between an iPad and a Windows Tablet for Your Kids?

Tablets are an ideal gadget for just browsing the net. Bigger than a smartphone, but not quite a laptop, the tablet allows you to do things on a big screen without having to load up your PC. Over the past decade, there has been quite a significant evolution of tablets. When the first tablet came out, everyone was quite dubious about what the point of it was. Sure, it was something of a novelty, but why have a tablet if you already have a smartphone and laptop? It took some time for the gadget to establish itself as a household favourite. Now most households have at least one tablet in them.


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So, how do you go about choosing a tablet that suits your needs? The obvious front-runner is the iPad, but is that the right choice for you and your family? Here, to help you make your decision, are a few pros and cons to Windows tablets VS iPads.

Windows Tablets

When developers first released Windows tablets, they had nothing on iPads. These gadgets took some time to catch up with the all-encompassing Apple tablet. When they did, though they had much more variety to offer the average consumer. You can now buy a wide range of windows tablets from plenty of top brands, and each has something different to offer users.

  • Brand Choice

Samsung is by far the favourite brand in Windows tablets. The manufacturer has completely redeveloped the gadget. Keen readers will also love the Kindle’s older brother the Kindle Fire, which comes in HD. With Windows tablets, there is so much by way of choice.

  • Modifications

Can’t decide between a laptop and a tablet? With many Windows tablets, there is no need to decide. Many of the top name tablets also have a keyboard that you can attach. Doing so turns the tablet into a notebook or laptop.

  • Apps

There is not the wide range of apps for Windows tablets that there is for iPads. The Windows apps have been slower to develop than iOS apps. That means that you can’t always get your favourite apps on a Windows tablet.

  • Multi-tasking Screen

On many of the most-common Windows tablets, you can now multi-task on screen. Multi-tasking means more than one app or program is open, and both are responsive at the same time. You can have two screens open side by side and work on both at the same time.


The iPad has seen a great many generations since Apple unveiled the original tablet. Apple has always been favourites in the world of technology and many people buy into the iPad just because of the brand. But, does the iPad have anything more to offer customers than a Windows tablet?

  • Expense

The iPad is currently the most-expensive tablet on the market. You can pay three to four times as much for an iPad as you would for your average tablet. Much of the time users are paying for a brand name, rather than substance.

  • Retina Display

What does retina display mean? Well, to be honest, it just means a rather snazzy version of HD. The phrase has won Apple plenty of fans. In reality, a new addition to the tablet makes little difference to the user’s experience.

  • More Apps

Developers tend to focus on iOS apps more than they do Windows apps. That means that there are more apps available for iPads than Windows tablets.

  • iOS 7


Let’s face it, iOS 7 was a disaster. If your iPad wasn’t shutting down, it was closing apps and refusing to open programs. Luckily many of the original faults with this operating system no longer exist, yet the memories remain.

  • Siri

Ah, Siri, man’s best friend. Siri is your personal assistant available 24/7 to fulfil all your needs. Siri might be exclusive to Apple, but you can get plenty of similar PA apps, such as the Cortana Voice Assistant.

Awesome Ideas for Throwing an Unconventional Wedding

Are you someone who’s always enjoyed being different and standing out from the crowd? If you’re also planning a wedding, you may be stuck for ideas as to how to make your day unique. There are so many contradictory ideas and tips about how to make your wedding special. And with so much advice and so little time, it can be difficult knowing just where to start. So, if you happen to be one-such bride-to-be, fear not. We’ve compiled a list of awesome ideas to make sure that your wedding is a true one-off.



Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme for the occasion is a great way of making sure your wedding stands out from the ‘norm’. If you enjoy a bit of fantasy and escapism, a Lord of the Rings theme is a good one to choose. It gives everyone the opportunity to dress up in some amazing medieval-style gowns and outfits. You can even extend the theme to your party favors and wedding invites. Although we recommend not carrying actual swords if you plan on having a few drinks come evening-time! For those that have always fancied themselves as something of an ‘English rose’, then why not consider a ‘Pride and Prejudice’ theme? Believed by many to be one of the most-romantic novels ever written, could there really be a better theme for a wedding?

Go Extreme

If you and your partner have always been partial to living the extreme side of life, then why not extend that to your wedding day! What better way to celebrate the union of two daredevils than by jumping out of a plane together? Okay, so it’s a little extreme, and it’ll play havoc with your hairdo. But if you want a wedding like no other, this may just be the right choice. Alternatively, why not take the ‘Under the Sea’ them to the extremes by getting married underwater? Or, if your partner already gives you ‘butterflies in your stomach’ a few more from doing a joint bungee jump isn’t going to hurt!

Have Fun With the First Dance

This is a really fun idea and incredibly easy to pull off. There have been quite a few examples of funny wedding dance videos going viral over the past few years. And when you see some of the awesome dance moves these couples throw it’s not hard to see why. It’s always good to have an element of surprise by starting off with something classic and romantic. Then when you suddenly decide to launch into the Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, it’ll make an even bigger impact. Remember, weddings should be a celebration, and this is the perfect way to inject some unexpected fun into yours!

The thing that will make your wedding unique is you having the courage to follow your gut instinct. Only you and your partner know what’ll make it the wedding day you’ve always dreamt of having. So, have the courage to do things your way, and you’re guaranteed to have a wedding day that’s unlike any other.

The Stress Free Way to Plan Your Child’s Christening

Some people think that a christening is simply to introduce their child into the Christian community, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes it’s just nice to get the whole family and your friends together to celebrate your baby. Although some clergies will be a little strict when it comes to having a christening, many of them are laid back. Some might expect you to attend church twice a year at the holidays, others might not mind so much. If you’ve decided to christen your child, then you need to start planning the service. A lot of parents get in a flap about this, but there’s no need. Here’s the stress free way to plan your child’s christening:

Christening of Rafalek Stawarz

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Booking the Christening

In order to book the christening, you’ll need to speak with the vicar at your local church. They will ask you questions, but it’ll vary depending on their own beliefs and what they want to hear from somebody planning on christening their child. They may simply ask you about your own beliefs, or they might go as far to ask about the godparents and their beliefs/religious background.

Choosing the Godparents

Choosing the godparents can be tricky. There was a time when they were chosen because of their strong religious beliefs, but now they are chosen because they are a close family member/friend. Whoever you choose, it’s important you consider the role that they’ll play in your child’s life, and what kind of a godparent they’ll be. Will you be friends with them in 10 years? Will they step up to help the child if they need to? It used to be tradition to have 2 men and 1 woman for a baby boy, and 2 women and 1 man for a girl. Nowadays you can have as many as you like, but try not to take the special element out of it by choosing too many.

Christening Clothing

All baby’s used to be dressed in a cream or white gown, but now they can wear pretty much anything. It’s totally up to you what you dress them in on the day, just make sure it’s appropriate for a formal occasion.

Christening Gifts

You might want to get your child a special gift to commemorate this occasion. Christening silver is always a nice keepsake, and you can find plenty of options online on sites like www.christeningsilver.com.

After the Christening

After the christening is over, you may want to have a reception ready for your friends and family to attend. This might be a small meal together with sandwiches and cakes, or perhaps something a little bigger if your relatives have travelled from far away. To make things as stress free as possible, you can make food beforehand to be warmed up when the time comes, or hire a caterer.

Make sure you take lots of pictures on your baby’s christening day to remember the occasion. They can then look back when they get a little older too! Try to keep things as simple as possible to experience as little stress as possible on the day. Good luck!

How to Write Engaging Stories for Children

Do you long to be the next big children’s author? Perhaps you admire Roald Dahl, Jacqueline Wilson, and J.K Rowling and want to write books like them? With this advice, you can! You’ll need to be equipped with a great imagination, creativity, and the ability to think like a child – but if you can do that, you’re half way there! Here’s how to write engaging stories for children:


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Brainstorm Your Ideas

Brainstorm any ideas you have for your story. Remember, the great thing about writing children’s stories is that they don’t have to be realistic! You could write about talking animals, made up creatures, and other farfetched imaginings. Children love things like this! You can even get them involved and ask them what they’d do or say in a certain situation, so you can then use it in your book. You’ll probably end up in fits of laughter!

Develop Your Characters

Now it’s time to develop your ideas for characters and work out how they will fit into the story. Here, you can take a tip from J.K Rowling, who outlined the whole world of Harry Potter before even writing the first book! This will help your characters and their actions to make sense, even if they wouldn’t make sense in our world.

Write According to the Age You’re Aiming Your Story At

What age do you want to write for? You’ll need to alter your writing to suit the age group. Books for children aged around 3-5 will need to be stories that have a very simple to understand plot, or even a book that has no plot at all that simply uses rhyming words. Children who are older appreciate reading books that treat them like adults, with a more intricate plot.

Create an Outline for Your Story

Outline your story so you know exactly what will be happening in the beginning, middle, and end of your story. Write about how your characters will evolve as the story goes on. You will also want to think of the conflict that the main character has to face, as they always do. What will be the Voldemort to your Harry Potter?

Inject Flair Into Your Writing

Children love humour in books, and adults will appreciate it too. You can go as far as to make up words to make your story more humorous and engaging! Make sure you show what different characters are like by writing about them reacting in certain situations. You can even write about how characters act in the same situation to show how different they are. Avoid using boring sentences.

Think About Whether You Want to Add Pictures or Not

You can now decide whether you’d like to add pictures or not to your book. Some pictures can make a story easier to follow, but in some cases they can distract from the story. Again, this depends on the age group you’re writing for.

Try out these techniques, and you may end up with a famous children’s novel. Let us know how you got on in the comments!

The Easy Way to Throw the Ultimate Kids’ Party

The Easy Way to Throw the Ultimate Kids’ Party

Does the idea of throwing a kids’ party fill you with dread? Do you envision a group of demanding children, running around, screaming and throwing mini sausage rolls at your head? Well, worry no more, just follow our three simple steps, and you can guarantee that your party will be the ultimate success.

1. Choose a Theme

The fantastic thing about kids is they have great imaginations, and it doesn’t take a lot to get those imaginations fired up. It’s always good to opt for a theme that doesn’t encourage the kids to split into gender groups. That way, you’re encouraging them to all interact with each other, and they’re likely to have a lot more fun playing with both boys and girls. A popular choice is the ‘Under the Sea’ theme, and it‘s one the kids seem to love. It’s also popular with the adults as it’s pretty easy to pull off. Drape some blue and green shiny fabric around your party venue, then add some blue and green balloons. Make sure that there’s a bottle of bubbles for each of your party guests, and let the kid’s imaginations do the rest. It really is that simple!



2. Provide Healthy and Tasty Treats

A mistake that people often make when throwing a children’s party is when it comes to what food to provide. Many opt for sickly, sugar-laden treats that cause the kids to become hyperactive, and can even lead them to be sick. Remember, healthy snacks don’t have to be boring. Try slicing up some fresh veg and serve it up with a tasty dip. If you have the time, you could even arrange the veg to fit in with your theme. A few chocolate treats are fine, but if you go overboard on the junk-food, you’re likely to end up regretting it later. Probably around the time you’re trying to cope with ten hyperactive children and then cleaning sick off the floor. The other parents will love you for it, and more importantly, your party venue will stay vomit free. This is particularly good news if you happen to be hosting the party at your own house.

 Healthy party treats


3. Plan Ahead

Ever heard of the saying ‘Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance? Well, this is especially true when throwing a kid’s party. You don’t need to plan a detailed itinerary, but a basic idea of what’s happening and when, will stop the party from descending into chaos. Just make sure the kids always have a game, or activity to focus on. You could consider searching for a photo booth for rent to keep them occupied. You can also never go wrong with classics such as ‘Pass the Parcel’, ‘Musical Chairs’, or even a colouring-in competition. If possible, try and tie your activity in with your theme. If your theme’s ‘Under the Sea’ have the kids’ draw, or colour-in sea creatures.



So, just follow our foolproof steps, and you’re guaranteed to throw a party that your kids will love you for.   

How to Have an Unrivalled Experience in Barcelona

If you’re travelling to Barcelona, you’re probably very excited and eager to have a fantastic time. If you’re short on time, then you probably want to make the most of this trip and get a real feel for the place, so although this can be a challenge, we’ve put together some ‘musts’ for you in this post. Try them and have an unrivalled experience in this brilliant place!


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Explore Barcelona on Foot

Barcelona is a big city, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore it on foot. Stay away from public transport for the day and spend the day strolling around at your own leisure, stopping to recharge with some fantastic street food. I suggest you go off the beaten path and go up to Horta for some breathtaking panoramic views that you won’t forget in a hurry. You could also consider exploring the city by bicycle! Make sure you take a look at Venere hotels to find a suitable place to accommodate your trip too.

Go to a Concert

Barcelona has a large number of live music venues, like Razzmatazz and Apollo, as well as some fabulous concert halls. If you’re not a fan of classical, don’t worry, as they also have jazz venues and other genres.

Fill Up on Delicious Food

You can find plenty of gorgeous food in Barcelona, so you’ll no doubt be spoiled for choice! Tapas are plates of bite sized delicious food that are a huge culinary trend in this country, so make sure you try them. Vermouth is often enjoyed with all kinds of tapas, so make sure you order one to wash your food down.

You also shouldn’t leave this place without trying the fine seafood. Catalan cooking is popular too, and affordable to top things off.

Climb a Mountain

Want a leafy stroll with awesome views? Climb Montjuic Mountain, but only if you think you can handle the journey up there! It’s less populated by tourists as it does take a bit of legwork to get to the summit, but you shouldn’t let that stop you.

Go for a Swim in the Mediterranean

Barcelona has a wide choice of beaches where you can go and relax. Simply slather on that suncream and you’re good to go!

Shop Till You Drop

There’s somewhere for everyone to shop in Barcelona. High street shoppers will instantly recognise Mango and Zara, but you shouldn’t miss Zazo & Brull – affordable yet beautiful fashion! There are even shops dedicated solely to accessories, so you can find the perfect pair of shoes to go with your new outfit. Try a real Barcelonian boutique to buy some local trends!

Attend a Local Festival

If you’d like to have a lot of fun for the whole week, visit in September. The Festes de la Merce is in town then, which is a week long party celebrating Catalan culture. You’ll love the performances, firework displays, free concerts, and children’s activities available.

Party All Night

Head over to some of the best clubs in Barcelona for a night that you won’t forget in a hurry. There’s something to suit all music tastes, whether you’re more of a fan of rock, indie, or dance.

It isn’t possible to have a bad time in Barcelona – follow this advice, and you’ll want to go back for more!

Top 3 things to do online when the kids have gone to bed

Top 3 things to do online when the kids have gone to bedThere is no doubt in anyone’s mind that after a long day at work coming home and looking after your children can be an exhausting amount of work. This is why your own private time after the children of gone to bed is incredibly important and should be taken full advantage of. Whether you’re looking to watch films or play games like Candy Crush or online casino games, it’s worth making the most of your quiet time.

There are many things that you can do however most people just find themselves sitting in front of the TV not enjoying what they find. This is why people need to be more proactive in what they enjoy after the kids have gone to bed, and even if you want to watch TV or films that is completely fine however you should look to find something that you will really enjoy. This is simple to do as many services exist such as Netflix that have huge catalogues of films and TV shows that you can choose from in order to find the best shows you. If instead you want to keep up with what’s happening in the world then don’t just go on news websites but instead check out a website called Reddit at this is lovingly known as the front page of the Internet.

There are many different pages on the site known as sub reddits each of which is focused on a different subject. You can then subscribe to these different subjects in order to make your Reddit homepage cater exactly for your likes meaning that you only see what you enjoy. If you want a little more excitement in your nightly pursuits the one check out an online casino and enjoy a few the games they have to offer. It might be a good idea to start with the original, www.gamingclub.com/au. You don’t have to play for real money which could be a good idea if you aren’t used to such games. It might sound daunting if you’ve never played a game of poker or blackjack in your life, but you can play online for free and do lots of trial games before you feel confident enough to take on opponents in this skilled game and place cash bets.

Why Small Breeds of Dog Are Better For Families

Dogs make amazing pets for families. They can teach children a lot about responsibility and love. What is more, they are perfect companions for children, who often state that their dog is their best friend. If you are looking at adding a furry friend to your existing family dynamic, then there are some things that you need to know before you embark on a life of puppy-dom:


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Small Breeds are Better for Families

When it comes to small breeds of dog, there seems to be a lot of divided opinions. Of course, you should choose a puppy based on how they will fit within your existing family dynamic but it is important to consider the size of a dog before you buy one. Small breeds of dog are perfect for families, as they need minimal space. This isn’t to say that they should be confined to one room, but with a plethora of children’s toys taking over your home, your puppy will need room to explore. Larger breeds of dogs do not always have the required space in the family home.

Small breeds of dogs are great for people with kids as they are playful and fun. Larger breeds of dog tend to be more docile, which kids often find frustrating. If you want a puppy that is full of life, that your children can play with and care for, then you need to consider purchasing a smaller breed of dog. You can search which dogs are for sale using a simple Google search.

Temperament and Behaviour

Smaller dogs love to be the centre of attention. They are loving, playful and mischievous, much like your own children! They seem to be boundless balls of energy, which makes them perfect playmates for families with younger children.

It is important to establish a training routine to ensure that your dog doesn’t become naughty, as opposed to mischievous. What is more, proper training ensures that your dogs remain friendly and sociable. Dogs are intelligent animals, so you will need to ensure that you are mentally, as well as physically, exercising your hound to make sure that they are happy and well adjusted animals. By ensuring the emotional, and physical, well-being of your dog you are ensuring that they are happy within their new home with you and your family.

Money Matters

Of course, taking in a smaller breed of dog is more cost efficient than having a larger breed of dog. This is because smaller breeds of dog eat less. However, you will still need to factor vet’s bills, insurance and toys for your dog, all of which can be costly. While the thought of owning a dog can be shrouded in romanticism, you need to ensure that you have the coffers to afford a dog. Dog ownership can be costly.

Love and Care

Wanting the best for your dog is imperative, but you need to ensure that you have the right kind of lifestyle to accommodate a dog. If you spend a lot of time out of the house, then having a dog may not be ideal for you, or your family, at this moment in time. Ensure that you have the time to devote to a puppy before you buy one.

Comic room design ideas for your little villain


Coming up with original interior design ideas for kids’ bedrooms can be something of a challenge. Yes, of course there are all the usual suspects like Paddington Bear, Cinderella, dinosaurs and fairies, but what if the children in question have a little more edge to them? What if they demand a bedroom theme with a bit more kapow! thwack! or biff! than Paddington or Cinderella can provide?

Never fear, help is on the horizon in the form of comic characters with attitude. When it comes to superheroes that deliver, then the likes of Batman, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, Wonder-woman and Superman can all be relied upon. If the children want a bedroom that pulses with superhero spangles and all-action energy, then comics are the place to seek inspiration.

Be bright, bold and fearless

Between the pages of comics, we see many primary colours. Bright shades such as blues, yellows reds and greens are all heavily referenced and for an authentic comic book interior, it makes sense to work from this palette. Primary colours can be strong and dark, so balance this with lighter shades so that the room isn’t gloomy. Solid blocks of wall colour can be successfully broken up with character murals or framed covers of favourite comics.

Choose your villain

Decide if the comic theme is going to be a general free-for-all featuring everyone from Tankgirrl right through to Dennis The Menace, or will there be a focus on just one favourite character? Restricting it to one will make things easier in terms of keeping a unified colour scheme, but opening it up to the whole universe of superheroes could equally make for exciting results.

The practical stuff

Remember that as well as being an homage to superheroics, the room has to function on a practical basis. Plan where storage, bookshelves and beds are going to be positioned before committing to any decorating ideas. There are some fantastic children’s storage options available and don’t forget to exploit space underneath beds, above picture rails and behind screens – they are all perfectly legitimate places to stow away stuff.

Involve the children

Using recurring motifs such as the character logos (Batman and Spiderman work well) or printed comic dialogue (Kapow! Yikes! Ooof!) is a nice way of underlining the room’s theme. Painting distinct insignia onto lampshades, bedsteads and doors looks effective. Find old comics that can be used to decorate furniture using the decoupage technique. The children will enjoy getting their hands dirty with wallpaper glue as they stick cut out images from comics onto an old wooden chair or desk, for example. When the images have dried onto the furniture and the surface is varnished, it can look wonderful.

Finishing touches

There is a lot of superhero merchandise around and a quilt cover or set of curtains featuring a beloved character is welcomed by most children. Or perhaps a smaller item such as a rug, a ceiling mobile or a clock would be just as good. Keep an eye out for interesting merchandise at car boot sales and second hand shops where it’s possible to strike it lucky with comic hero gold.

Okay then, it’s time to start channeling your inner super hero and get started on sorting out that bedroom…