3 Awesome Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained on a Rainy Day


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You know what it’s like. You get some days where the kids are full energy. Maybe you have a family tripped planned to the zoo or something. They wake up early and charge around the house looking forward to getting outside into the world. But then you look outside, and it is hammering down with rain. It’s not outdoor weather. It’s certainly not zoo weather.

But the trouble is that the kids are full of excitement and energy. They don’t want to be stuck indoors all day. They want to do things. So you need to keep them entertained to stop things from escalating and ending up in a potential punch-up or screaming fit.

But it can be difficult to hold your children’s attention in ways that don’t involve them staring at a screen all day. Of course, this is a big part of their lives, but you want them to do other things and to have a life outside of television. This will help develop their brains and nurture their social skills for later years.

So how do you go about keeping them entertained and amused? Well, there are many ways and here are three to get you started.

Family Video Games

Yes, kids these days perhaps play too many computer games. But if they’re going to do so then a good way to boost their interactions is to involve everyone. If you pick a family-friendly game that adds a bit of healthy competition that would be great. There are all kinds of free online racing games that would be perfect for this sort of thing.

If you have a computer, television or console that allows you to connect to the internet, then this is perfect. You will have a large pool of games to choose from, and you can make things fun for the kids by letting them beat mum and dad!

Board Games

You should try to get the kids playing some classic board games to keep them occupied. Many of these games are quite simple for kids to understand. Those that are more complex are interesting enough to keep their attention.

Some board games such as Monopoly create a healthy competitive edge and can last a long time. So they keep the kids busy and out of trouble all day. Board games show children that there is fun to be had that doesn’t involve a screen.

Also, many board games involve problem-solving or strategy and, as a result, allow kids to develop their brains better.

Create an Activity

If the kids are getting restless and they don’t seem to have an interest in board games, then there is another method you could employ. Come up with a household activity like baking that you can involve the kids in.

Of course, you will take charge but by involving them you may help develop an interest in something new. They can be creative and will also learn a new skill in the process. One that they can take into later life with them.

Allow them to decorate cookies or cupcakes and turn it into a fun game. This will keep them occupied for hours and will allow you to get valuable baking time.


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