3 Things to Consider for the Perfect Christening Outfit

3 Things to Consider for the Perfect Christening OutfitNext to the little one’s first birthday, the christening and baby naming events are among the most important occasions that moms stress about. It might seem like a pretty simple task to plan the event and take care of every single detail surrounding it, but it actually is not.

For instance, choosing the perfect christening outfit for their little one can be such an overwhelming task since there are just too many to choose from. For moms who are in the crossroads of their decisions, here are tips from Christening Gown makers Little Doves on choosing the right outfit for that special occasion:

Style, Color and Comfort

No matter what the religion, christening and baby naming events are solemn and intimate occasions. It is very important, therefore, that the right style of dress (or suit for the baby boy) is chosen to reflect just that. White or cream dresses that are extremely long are often used traditionally, and are also matched with a cap. For baby boys, three-piece suits may just do the trick.

Whatever the style, color or fabric is being used though, the most important make-or-break factor to consider when looking for the perfect christening outfit is the child’s comfort. Certain fabrics could cause the child to itch, and you surely do not want to be with a screaming and crying baby throughout the ceremony. Be sure to try the dress or the suit on the baby prior to the event, to make sure that it fits well and does not cause the child to be irritable even when worn for a few hours.


Designer christening outfits are often preferred because of their high quality materials and intricate design. However, many moms would think twice about spending an arm and a leg for an outfit that may only get to be worn once or twice at most. Practical moms would even go as far as purchasing or renting out secondhand christening outfits, to be able to save more money. There really is no problem with following what one’s budget dictates, as long as the items concerned are still wearable, presentable and provide utmost comfort to the child wearing it.

Sentimental Value

While secondhand christening outfits can be a boon to one’s wallet, the value is lost when the dress or suit worn is from an unknown source. Many moms would rather ask for the christening outfits that have been worn by them (or the dad, if the child to be christened is a boy). Some might even use heirloom outfits that have been passed on from generation to generation.

While others may have this tradition running in the family already, there are those who do not. Some moms are willing to spend for a high quality christening gown that is created in a timeless design, so that it could be passed on to their children’s children and to the many more generations to come.

A final word of advice, the christening outfit is not the highlight for events like this, but rather the child wearing it. The dresses and suits that are worn by the child during this special day should be considered one that could bring back the memories of the joyous occasion instead.

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