4 Ideas That Will Transform Your Garden Into A Fun Family Space

Gardens can be an utterly magical place for the whole family. Particularly for young children, outdoor spaces are full of mystery. They provide kids with many unique and wonderful opportunities to learn about nature. You can even do Hedging with plants and give them a beautiful look. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, it is so important that you and your family make the best use of it. If you think you could be doing more with your garden, here are my simple tips that will transform your outdoor area into a fun family space.




  1. Grow your own

I can’t sell the idea of growing your own vegetables and plants enough! Not only does it add colour and interest to your garden, but it could also lead you and your family to a healthier lifestyle.  My kids really enjoy spending time in the garden on a bright day, tending to the herb and vegetable patches with me. It gives you quality time to spend with your children. If you are a novice gardener, don’t worry. Read a book, watch gardening TV programmes and look online for advice and guidance on growing your own produce in your family garden.

  1.   Add a furry friend to the family

Please note here that I’m not suggesting that you should get a pet for the sole purpose of improving your garden. Rather, if you and your family are already considering a pet, this could be another reason for doing so. Cats love tearing around the garden chasing windswept leaves and climbing trees. While dogs love to sniff the grass and flowers and run after sticks and other launched objects. Having a pet will undoubtedly mean that you and your family will spend more time in the garden. And with the addition of your furry family companion, it will make it a much more exciting place to be. If you are interested in this idea, contact rescue centres, breeders or look online, at K9Stud, for example, for your options.



  1.  Create an outdoor play area

Young kids will love running around, acting out their wildest dreams and exploring an outdoor play area. It doesn’t matter what form or structure your outdoor play area takes as long as it is safe and provides plenty of opportunities for your kids to be inquisitive and energetic. You can include climbing frames, swings or sandpits in these areas of your garden. But these are just simple ideas, you can be as creative as you want. I once heard of a family that built a miniature version of a tall ship in their garden for the kids to pretend they were pirates in! What a fantastic idea – providing you have the space and skills to pull it off!



  1. Encourage wild visitors

Not, I don’t mean your crazy neighbours! I am referring to birds, squirrels and other wildlife. Provide bird feeders and water bowls to encourage these creatures to frequent your garden. Watching these little animals scurry or fly around your garden is far more entertaining for the family than any television show! Since we’ve welcomed these visitors to our garden, the kids and I have taken many incredible photographs of them which we’ve had framed and have hung up at home.



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