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4 Misconceptions About The Family Vacation



Some parents put off travelling with their kids because they have certain ideas about what travelling with kids is like. From believing they have to bring their kids everywhere to assuming their kids won’t want to sightsee, here are some misconceptions that stop families from vacationing together.

Art galleries are too boring for young children

Some parents wrongly assume they can’t go on holiday with their children because many of the traditional sightseeing locations are boring for young ones. While any trip to an art gallery or museum can be on the dry side, it doesn’t always have to be this way. The trick is to help your kids relate to exhibits in a way that works for them.

Many of the top galleries in the world — including the Met in New York City and the Louvre in Paris — help your case by providing interactive kids’ tours, workshops, and special kids’ activities. Some even offer drop-in classes that allow you to leave your kids with museum employees while you tour the grounds on your own.

You have to take your kids everywhere

Some family-friendly hotels offer childcare services in the form of kids’ clubs. These usually include fully-staffed facilities where your children can play and learn in a fun and dynamic environment. The activities usually include educational experiences, games, and arts and crafts, but rarely two kids’ clubs are alike. By leaving your kids at one of these clubs, you can indulge in more grown-up tours or activities that you couldn’t do with them tagging along. Take advantage of these daycares when you want to go on a wine tour or when you want to have a romantic meal without kids.

The biggest expenses occur during the trip

Once you add up airfare, accommodations, and sightseeing, your family vacation can be an expensive addition to your budget. Many parents work hard to find room in their budgets for these costly trips but rarely do parents remember the holiday isn’t their only concern. Sometimes repairs and bills await them on their return. With so much of their budget focused on the vacation, they might not have the resources to cover these expenses.

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You should only go to kid-friendly resorts

Kid-friendly resorts offer an easy way to travel, with kid-appropriate entertainment, activities, and dining built in to their facilities. Since they cater to young children, many parents make this kind of resort their default destination — regardless if they truly want to spend time at the beach. While they’re certainly easier to plan, they aren’t the only kid-appropriate way you can travel. Vacationing in cities in Europe, Asia, or South America will take more planning, but they offer a chance to show your kids how diverse the world can be.

Kids may complicate a trip, but they aren’t reason enough to postpone travelling until you’re retired. Don’t delay what you can do today. Check your misconceptions about travelling with your family and plan your next trip sooner rather than later.

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