4 Ultimate Baby Accessories I Couldn’t Live Without


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All parents know that babies require a lot of stuff. It can be overwhelming how much this tiny human actually needs. For new parents, it’s especially difficult to know which bits are useful and which are just waste of money. Every parent will have differing opinions on what is essential for a baby to have. There are no right or wrong products to use if your child benefits from it in some way. Here are a few items I’ve found particularly useful with my children, to help you choose your own.

Nappy bags were always going to feature in my list. Always go for the strongest and most sturdy nappy bag you can find. A good quality nappy bag can withstand a decent amount of weight and have plenty of pockets and space. It’s going to be used on an almost daily basis so buy one that will last. If you choose wisely it can last you up until you child becomes a toddler. Or maybe even your next child. A wipe clean bag is always useful and ensure it has comfortable, sturdy straps. If you can find one with a foldaway changing mat included, that’s an even bigger bonus.

An absolute essential accessory I think all parents should buy are car seat and pram canopies. They allow your child to stay seated and remain dry. I’ve also found they provide shade on particularly hot days and stop your child getting burnt or hurting their eyes. Use this list of this years best car seat canopies to buy one today. You definitely won’t regret it.

Baby monitors have always been a firm favourite of mine. They allow you to get some distance between you and your baby, while still keeping some contact. These can come in audio or video form. The video option can be more expensive, but I think give you more peace of mind. Seeing your baby on the screen allows you to relax that bit more. I use the audio monitors. These work just as well, but I did find myself running upstairs every time I hear a noise. It’s personal preference and may also depend on your budget. Always ensure the baby monitor you choose has a decent battery life and sound quality.

Stair gates are vital if you want to stop your baby falling down the stairs or entering dangerous rooms. It provides your home with that extra bit of protection and security. An accessory that can prevent accidents is always a plus for me. Stair gates can vary quite dramatically in price. However, a higher price doesn’t always mean better quality. Read other parent’s reviews on stair gate products to find a top rated one that way. Remember to read the instructions when installing and always close the gate behind you.

So there are my four ultimate baby accessories. As I said before, these will vary from parent to parent. Shop around for the best deals on top quality products. You’re sure to find out what works best for you and your baby in no time.


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