5 Fundraising Ideas Your Kids Will Love

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As a mum in the local community, you’ll know that your kid’s school could always use more money. There are no shortcuts when it comes to your child’s education and wellbeing. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough money in the budget to upgrade the gym. Whatever your school or community needs, fundraising might just be the answer. Local communities often come together and help raise money for a good cause.

When raising money for your kid’s school, you’ll want to get the children involved. It’s all about them, after all! They’ll love to help out and it’ll give them a feeling of responsibility. It will also help them learn the importance of community and setting goals. Plus, if you choose the right fundraising idea, they’ll love getting involved to make it happen. Here are our top fundraising ideas to get your kids into the community spirit.

Cookie Sale

It’s a classic, but it’s a classic for a reason. It’s a well tested fund-raising idea and it always works. There is nothing better than a home-baked cookie and people will pay good money for them. The kids will love getting messy in the kitchen and learning how to bake. If your kids are young, go with them when they knock on doors. Stick to neighbourhoods you know.

No Uniform Day

When you’re a child, No Uniform Day is nearly as good as Christmas. There’s something so exciting about turning up to school in your everyday clothes. This one is especially good for early teens. They might be difficult to engage, but they’ll definitely get on board with this idea. They jump at any chance to show off their identity and this is the perfect option. Each child takes a little money for the privilege and you’ll raise loads.

Book Sale

As a family, you’ve probably got hundreds of books lying around. Perhaps even some old audio books. They take up space in your attic and you know you’re never going to read them. Set up a stall in a popular place in the community (or even on your front garden). Then let your children be shopkeepers for the day. They’ll love taking the money and they’ll feel a little more independent.

School Sleepover

This one will take some planning and organising with the school. However, the children will be so excited. Like No Uniform Day, there’s something strangely exciting about staying overnight at school. Set the school gym up as a camping area and stage a sleepover. You can plan all sorts of fun activities through the night.

Recycle Drive

Kids are beginning to understand the damage we have done to the planet. We should help them get into the habit of recycling from an early age. Setting up a recycle drive and letting them run it and promote it is a good way to do that. You’ll want to run this over a month or so and get the whole neighbourhood into the habit.

Fundraising is a great way to teach your children responsibility. They’ll gain a sense of community and learn all kinds of other skills. Best of all, you’ll raise a little money to go towards their wellbeing and education.

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