5 Great Kids Gift Ideas for Christmas

Buying Christmas presents for the kids is never easy. You can ask them to write a list for Father Christmas, but usually what you get back is a combination of “that’s never going to happen” and “is that all?”. And that’s if they’ll even let you look at their list. Plus, even if your kids have a list as long as your arm, you want to get them something you’ve chosen too. They might be asking for all the latest fad toys, but maybe you want to get them something a bit more interesting. You could get them a gift that will encourage them to learn or spark enthusiasm for a new hobby. It’s difficult keeping the idea flowing every year though, and you want to get them something that both you and they will like. Try these gift ideas to get you thinking for the perfect Christmas gift.

 Something Sporty

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 With video games, TV and the internet, it can be difficult to get your kids to go outside and play. But it’s important that they do, both for their health and yours. Your choice of Christmas gift could help make going outside to play more fun so that they can’t wait to get into the garden or go to the park. A sporty Christmas present doesn’t have to be anything too expensive. Although you could get them a new bike, there are also lots of other things you can buy that will encourage them to exercise in a fun way.

 If a bike is a bit too far out of you price range, you could also try a scooter from a company such as www.doggscooters.com. They’re cheaper and easier to ride than bicycles, and they’re great fun to ride to school and back. Plus, they’re easier to stow away than a bicycle, as they fold up neatly. Other sports-themed presents could be anything from a skipping rope to a new football.

 Something Crafty

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 You can also use Christmas gifts as a chance to encourage your kids’ creativity. If your children enjoy arts and crafts, then getting them something they can use to express their imagination is a great idea. There are so many arts and crafts things you can buy, and you don’t have to have too much imagination yourself to find something your child will like. If you aren’t very good at coming up with ideas by yourself, it’s easy to buy a kit to do all kinds of things. You can find ones for making jewellery or toy planes, or maybe a small sewing project or card making kit.

 If you want to give your kids a bit more freedom, you can try buying them materials for something crafty and let their imaginations go wild. You can get big art kits to save you having to buy lots of individual things. You might start them off on a hobby that they’ll enjoy for the rest of their life, from soap making to knitting.

 A Musical Instrument

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 Most parents cringe at the idea of having their child learning a new instrument at home. But although it can be frustrating having to hear their very first attempts at playing an instrument whether it’s a violin or a drum kit, everyone has to start somewhere. To help ease you through the period when they’re just starting out, you could try combining the gift of an instrument with lessons to learn how to play it. Of course, you don’t want to buy them a very expensive instrument that they’ll soon abandon if they get bored. There’s no need to splash too much cash on an instrument. In fact, if you’re focusing on music lessons that you might just want to hire one instead.

 If you do want to buy an instrument, you can easily get several instruments very cheaply. Guitars, for example, are reasonably priced and come in kids’ sizes, both online and in music shops. It also doesn’t cost much to buy a small keyboard, and percussion instruments come at reasonable prices too.

 Science and Messy Stuff

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 Kids love to get messy and play around with gross stuff. That’s just a fact. So why not help them develop their skills and knowledge of science at the same time? There are lots of ready-made science kits that make it easy for kids to get stuck in and make them feel like a powerful mad scientist. You can buy things like crystal-making kits, mini laboratory sets and even kits for putting together little robots. As well as lab stuff, kids also enjoy growing their own plants and food.

 Another great way to get a bit messy and have something to show at the end of it is baking and cooking. Try looking at some kitchen gadgets, including cupcake makers and candy floss machines. Lots of adults have got the baking bug recently, and it’s great fun to spend time baking with your kids. Another simple thing is a chocolate making kit. Usually, these kits just involve melting down chocolate and pouring them into moulds to make new shapes. It’s simple, but a lot of fun for kids.

 Something Silly

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 When all else fails, get your kids something that will make them laugh. A lot of silly presents might be better as stocking fillers, but there’s nothing that says you can’t have lots of little presents under the tree. You need to pick your silly presents carefully though. Get something good, and they’ll laugh at it a couple of times and then get bored. But get them something great, and they’ll laugh every time they see or use it, and love it forever. Eventually, you’ll wish they would stop finding it funny.

 You can find hundreds of silly gifts at just about any gift shop. From novelty socks to water pistols, there are all kinds of delights to make your kids laugh. But as with any gift it could be a risk. Make sure you know their sense of humour, or else you’ll think it’s funnier than they do.

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