5 Tips For Disaster-Proofing Your New Home

Have you moved into a new house? Do you want to make sure that you’re as unlikely to suffer a sudden disaster as possible? Whether you’re renting or buying a new property, there are calamities that can pop up at any minute and cost a lot of time, tears and money. We’ve provided these five tips to cut out some of the more prominent worries we have. We also cover some ways you can simply make your home easier and cheaper to take care of. So, if you want tips on how to make your home less of a hassle, read on.


Check all your appliances

If you’re moving into a rented property, the chances are that they already have some appliances available. There might be a washing machine, a fridge, even an oven. Take care to make sure that all of them are in working order. Also get to know whether or not the area you’re in has hard water. If washing machines have been used in such an area for a long time, they can suffer tremendously. Washing machine water damage repair is a common need for those moving into a new rental property. Be prepared to fix it before it causes a total disaster.


Take a close look at the plumbing

Disuse, a lack of maintenance and cold weather are some of the easiest ways to find your plumbing damaged. Of course, you have no idea on whether the past tenants or owners have been taking care of their pipes. Plumbing catastrophes are amongst the most costly, so don’t take the chance of finding out the hard way. Inspect the water heater and check the pipes are protected against leaks, freezing and more. This checklist has more information on how to get to know your plumbing sooner rather than later.

Check if the house is insulated

Insulation has tremendous benefits. It keeps the home cooler in the summer but, most important for your health and pipes, keeps it warmer in winter. Check if your home is insulated before it can cause any damage in the winter. If not, you may want to call a place like All Around Roofing and Exteriors that can expertly remedy this problem. Make your home all the comfier and safer. You’ll end up saving a bomb in energy costs at the same time.


Fit LED light bulbs

It’s less of a disaster, but energy bills can muck up all kinds of plans if they’re higher than you’ve anticipated. One easy way to cut down those bills is getting used to fitting a new kind of light. Eco-friendly LED lights take a lot less energy to run and aren’t too expensive, so try them out and see if they work for you.

Consider the ease of cleaning and maintenance

The ease of keeping your home safe and clean can be a rather big factor in how much of a comfort to live there. Consider some ways to cut the amount of time you have to spend cleaning and the money spent fixing. For example, vinyl flooring is both very easy to clean and particularly resilient.

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