5 Tips for Making the IVF Procedure Successful

IVF is a popular treatment amongst couples who need assistance when falling pregnant. Success rates depend on several factors, including the skills of the clinician’s involved and the couple’s health. While there is no single way to guarantee success in each case, there are ways couples can increase their chances of success.

1. Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle

Producing eggs and sperm doesn’t just rely on the hormone treatments involved; adopting a healthy lifestyle is essential too. Clinics like Invimed can offer couples unique advice during the IVF procedure. However, it’s also recommended to quit smoking, reduce drinking, exercise, and eat healthily.

2. Take the Right Vitamins to Prepare for Pregnancy

Women who eat a healthy and balanced diet should get most of the vitamins they need, but taking a supplement like Pregnacare containing vitamin B12 and folic acid prepares the body for pregnancy. Upon falling pregnant, it also reduces the likelihood of miscarriage and aids foetal development.

3. Try to Make IVF Relaxing

Understandably, many couples find the IVF procedure stressful, as they are anxious about whether it will work. However, relaxing as much as possible is central to increasing chances of success. Activities like yoga, exercise, and meditation can reduce stress. Couples who are unsure of their chosen activities can discuss them with the clinicians leading their case.

4. Freeze Embryos for Future Cycles

Unfortunately, IVF isn’t always successful the first time. Clinics like Invimed may recommend freezing embryos for future cycles, which avoids going through the same hormone cycles used during the first treatment.

5. Use an Egg Donor

Couples who find out the woman’s own eggs aren’t suitable during the IVF procedure may want to consider using an egg donor. Providing the egg donor is carefully screened – and those associated with good clinics are – this is an effective way of making the procedure more successful.

Aside from the above tips, couples also receive unique advice from the professionals working with them during the process. Following this is also essential for finding success.

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