5 Unbeatable Family Holiday Destinations

MajorcaPicking the right holiday destinations is usually an easy task for casual tourists and avid travelers alike, especially if one just seeks a surprising adventure or a time off the concrete jungle. Choosing the right holiday destinations for families, however, is another story. It is way different from travelling and exploring alone or with a friend’s company since you have to plan it ahead by taking a long list of considerations.

Although the idea of taking a vacation with your loved ones can bring a sense of comfort, family holidays are a bit tricky, and can sometimes be daunting because it comes with a huge responsibility. You have to consider the welfare of the entire family members, the appropriateness of the places you will be going to, be mindful of certain health issues, as well as take note each member’s preference of fun.

If your family is planning to go on a vacation this holiday, we have five of the most unbeatable family holiday destinations that will fit perfectly to any family size, culture, and interest, courtesy of family holiday experts Baby Friendly Boltholes.


One of Spain’s major tourist hubs lying on the Mediterranean Sea, Majorca is not only an exclusive unbeatable holiday destination for tourists who go solo but for families as well. As a family destination, Majorca is not so cold and not so hot either, thus, activities on the island are as flexible and adaptable as its weather. Family members can enjoy swimming in the beach or in their numerous resorts and water parks. Restaurants are also not an issue in Majorca as it is family friendly.


Tunisia, Africa’s famous tourist destination, is known as a melting pot for history, culture, and nature. It is regarded by The New York Times as a place gifted with “golden beaches, sunny weather, and affordable luxuries.” Families can get a holistic experience in Tunisia, as its majestic white-sand beaches are coupled with a diverse culinary scene, and magnificent natural scenery.


Italy, a world-famous tourist hub, is regarded sometimes as a mainstream tourist destination but the fact that it’s still unbeatable both for the couples and the family reflects positively to the place. Italy is the best place for families to explore more on the culture and the arts aspect, as it is a breathing ground of the genius from the past, the present, and the future. The historic and heavily artistic buildings and sculpted figures each with a symbolic representation of the history’s era or a person’s genius are an experience worth all the travel and money. Food is also their top-notch specialty.


The land of the rising sun is also the land of great sushis, anime, cherry blossom, and Asian culture and history. If you want to experience something authentic Asian, then Japan is one of the best places for you and your family. It is filled with unique activities like visiting its historical temples or going to their technological parks or their fandom and otakus and so much more.


South America’s famous tourist gem is one of the tourist spots that never fail. Brazil doesn’t only boast its beautiful and friendly people or the beaches in the Copacabana or the world’s most beautiful game – football. But it is also a place for endless cultural and adventure experiences that suit any tourists.

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