6 Skills Mums Need to Run the Household

Motherhood is a skilled job! Don’t let anyone persuade you otherwise. Whether you’re a new mother or a mum with grown up kids, you’ll know how hard it can be to keep the household functioning properly. Here are the 6 key skills you’ll need.


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  1. Patience

This is one I might never master. Patience is essential if you want to keep control of situations around the house. You’ll find yourself repeating everything you say at least three times, probably more.

It’s not just children that test your patience either; there are a hundred things that will try to disconvenience you.

  1. Incredible Endurance

Being a mum can feel more tiring than running a marathon some days. It’s not easing trying to juggle every job that needs to be done. The kids are running around, the dog wants to go for a walk and a million other things all seem to be happening at once.

Over time, you become more resilient though. You’ll learn to take the pain and push on!

  1. DIY Skills

Things break down around the house; this is a fact of life, unfortunately. When this happens, you’ll need to be able to deal with the problem swiftly. This means being able to carry out some DIY.

Visit www.apwagner.com for the parts you need and then get a good DIY guide book if you don’t know what you’re doing. The kids won’t wait around too long for the TV to start working again, so be quick!

  1. Tight Control of the Purse Strings

Budgeting is essential for mums. Running a household is expensive, and if you’re not keeping on top of what’s going out and what’s coming in, you can quickly find yourself in financial trouble. You have to make every penny stretch as far as possible and search for offers and deal that will save you some cash.

This is a skill you learn out of habit. As a mum, you have no choice but to become an expert on the household finances. This is a transferable skill though, and you might be able to use it in a future career!

  1. Multitasking

One of the keys to successful multitasking is planning. Try to plan your days in advance as far as you can. It becomes much easier to keep all those plates spinning if you know what’s coming your way from day to day.

Of course, you can’t plan everything. This is where the job becomes even more difficult. You’ll have to learn to manage curveballs and interruptions. This will come with experience though.

  1. Persuasion

The power of persuasion is vital for any mum dealing with more than one child. When they get an idea in their minds, kids can be incredibly stubborn. It’s a difficult skill to master, but with the right approach and a bribe here and there, kids can be persuaded to look at things the way you see them.

If there’s more than one, your job becomes even tougher. They’ll either be plotting with each other against you or they’ll be fighting with each other! So, you’ll need to be able to resolve conflicts too.


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