Why Audiobooks Can be Just as Good as Physical Books

You’ve probably heard of audio books by now. Some people argue that audio books are ‘cheating’, when in comparison to normal books. While holding a physical book and getting lost in it is definitely hard to beat, audio books can be just as good as them. They both have their pros and cons, but audiobooks definitely shouldn’t be classed as cheating! Read on to learn more about audio books and why many people love them:


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Understand Books You Wouldn’t Have Picked Up Previously

If you’ve ever kind of wanted to read a book, but suspected you wouldn’t understand it, you can download the audiobook and listen instead. There’s something about listening to a book that just makes things much easier. You’re also more likely to continue listening too, rather than put it down when things get a little complicated. Books like Alice in Wonderland and Moby Dick are difficult to read because of the way they are written, but an audio book can help you to understand much better. A lot of people talk about A Game of Thrones, and how amazing that is. However, instead of reading the books or watching it on the TV, you can listen with A Song of Ice and Fire Audiobook download. This way, you can say you’ve read the book. A lot of people like to read books before the TV adapted version of things, as the book is often a lot better. You can then compare the two! You’ll be able to finish an audiobook much faster than a physical book too.

They Help Get ‘Non-readers’ Into Reading

Do you consider yourself to be a ‘non reader’? If so, you’re not alone. Many people think that they don’t enjoy reading, when they haven’t really given it a chance. With audiobooks, you don’t need to sit down and commit to reading, you can just listen. Many people prefer listening to books, as they can totally relax. In fact, people who once considered themselves as ‘non readers’ now consider themselves to be readers after listening to an audiobook that they loved. They either do all of their reading through audiobooks, or read physical books they think they will enjoy thanks to audiobooks.

Listen While Doing Just About Anything

Anything you do that requires you use your hands; gardening, cooking, and cleaning for example, is taking away from valuable reading time. If you love reading stories and want to get through as many as possible, audiobooks should be a dream come true for you! You can utilise the times you can’t read a physical book by listening to one instead.

Enjoy a Book Read out by a Famous Person

Audio books aren’t read out by boring narrators. In fact, many of them are read out by quite famous people. You could be listening to an audiobook read out by Matt Damon, or even by the person who actually wrote the book. Some people are famous purely for reading out popular books.

What are you waiting for? Get your audiobook and see what the fuss is all about!


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