Awesome Ideas for Throwing an Unconventional Wedding

Are you someone who’s always enjoyed being different and standing out from the crowd? If you’re also planning a wedding, you may be stuck for ideas as to how to make your day unique. There are so many contradictory ideas and tips about how to make your wedding special. And with so much advice and so little time, it can be difficult knowing just where to start. So, if you happen to be one-such bride-to-be, fear not. We’ve compiled a list of awesome ideas to make sure that your wedding is a true one-off.



Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme for the occasion is a great way of making sure your wedding stands out from the ‘norm’. If you enjoy a bit of fantasy and escapism, a Lord of the Rings theme is a good one to choose. It gives everyone the opportunity to dress up in some amazing medieval-style gowns and outfits. You can even extend the theme to your party favors and wedding invites. Although we recommend not carrying actual swords if you plan on having a few drinks come evening-time! For those that have always fancied themselves as something of an ‘English rose’, then why not consider a ‘Pride and Prejudice’ theme? Believed by many to be one of the most-romantic novels ever written, could there really be a better theme for a wedding?

Go Extreme

If you and your partner have always been partial to living the extreme side of life, then why not extend that to your wedding day! What better way to celebrate the union of two daredevils than by jumping out of a plane together? Okay, so it’s a little extreme, and it’ll play havoc with your hairdo. But if you want a wedding like no other, this may just be the right choice. Alternatively, why not take the ‘Under the Sea’ them to the extremes by getting married underwater? Or, if your partner already gives you ‘butterflies in your stomach’ a few more from doing a joint bungee jump isn’t going to hurt!

Have Fun With the First Dance

This is a really fun idea and incredibly easy to pull off. There have been quite a few examples of funny wedding dance videos going viral over the past few years. And when you see some of the awesome dance moves these couples throw it’s not hard to see why. It’s always good to have an element of surprise by starting off with something classic and romantic. Then when you suddenly decide to launch into the Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, it’ll make an even bigger impact. Remember, weddings should be a celebration, and this is the perfect way to inject some unexpected fun into yours!

The thing that will make your wedding unique is you having the courage to follow your gut instinct. Only you and your partner know what’ll make it the wedding day you’ve always dreamt of having. So, have the courage to do things your way, and you’re guaranteed to have a wedding day that’s unlike any other.

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