The Best Ways To Enjoy Parenthood When You Can’t Have Kids

If you’ve been told by medical professionals that you can’t have kids, it can come as a disappointing blow. However, there is no reason to feel down. Just because you can’t carry a child naturally, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea of starting a family. There are lots of different options open to you these days.



IVF is always a possibility, but it might be a very expensive treatment in your home country. Indeed, that is one of the many reasons people choose to travel abroad. Just make sure you find out more about IVF in Turkey or whichever country you choose before making arrangements. Medical care in certain nations can vary in quality, and you need to make sure you will be looked after properly.

Presuming IVF isn’t a viable solution given your situation, you may wish to consider some of the alternatives. At the end of the day, there are many children in the world who would love to have you as a parent.


Some kids have a pretty hard start in life, and that is why they end up in adoption centers around the country. If you would like to give one lucky child a helping hand, why not consider becoming their adopted parent. You can still teach them all the essentials of life, just as you would with a child of your own. While there are many standard checks and assessments you’ll have to pass, there is no reason you couldn’t become a mother in less than one year. Adoption agencies simply want to know you can care for the child.


Becoming a foster parent is a noble choice. Your duties would involve looking after the most vulnerable young people in our society during their time of need. The hardest part of getting involved with fostering is that the children in your care might move on pretty quickly. That means it can be difficult if you get attached easily. However, you’ll get to make a real difference in the lives of young people, and you get grants to help pay for them. Most foster parents consider their duties a full-time job, and so it is well suited for those who don’t have a standard working schedule. Some of the kids that land in your care might require twenty-four hour attention.


While it isn’t the ideal solution, those of you who want to spend time with the younger members of our society might benefit from starting a babysitting business. You could look after all your friends children while they are at work. Not only will you get to play a mothering role, but you can also make some money in the process. The law in most countries states that you must meet certain requirements to start a business of that nature legally. So, it’s worth doing some research before you get too carried away.

As you can clearly see, being told you can’t have kids is not the end of the world. There are lots of ways you can still get all the benefits of being around children. Some people even retrain and become primary school teachers. When all’s said and done, the decision is down to you.

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