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Booking a Family Holiday in 2017



It’s not easy for any family to afford to go on a holiday abroad, especially when you have two or three kids. It can take months even years to save, but aside from the cost it serves for much needed fun time and relaxation. Let’s look at the top tips for booking your family summer holiday in 2017:



Try haggling with the tour operator

You’ve found where and when you want to go but it’s just not within your budget.  Well, get your haggling hat on cause you’ll need to be prepared to drive a hard bargain here. Many think that haggling is so 80’s found on market stalls but they could be paying more than they need to. All you need to do is research the cost of your preferred date and destination of travel

And remember tour operators make holidays, travel agents sell them. That means the same holiday can be different prices at different agents. Try to negotiate in price per person, not total cost, as discounts will seem less to the travel agent.

Travel later in the summer

Most families will want to travel in the first two weeks of the school break which means you can pay up to double what a package deal would be the rest of the year. If you can try and travel on dates that won’t be as popular such as the last two weeks of the summer. You’ll find that travel will be much cheaper especially to family friendly destinations like Florida or Mediterranean resorts. Or, if you children aren’t at school yet, take a holiday when others can’t, such as travelling before half-term in May and June to family destinations such as Florida, and you’ll get a better price.

Go somewhere a bit different

The Costas, Balearics, Portugal and parts of Greece have traditionally been popular with British families for decades due to their facilities, beautiful beaches and nearby tourist attractions. These are bound to always be at the higher end of your budget, so try going places where demand is low. For example Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia all have sprawling luxury beach resorts with large empty hotels. Once thriving resorts, due to recent factors the tourism market in these countries dropped by almost 50%, so tour operators have stacks of bookings and seats on planes to give away.

This applies to destinations off the beaten track that aren’t popular with the masses yet, although be aware capacity at these may be more limited. Opting for Croatia or Bulgaria rather than Greece, for example, can really bring down the cost of your trip. Or, if you don’t fancy a package, city breaks tend to cost less in summer, as cities are less obvious destinations.

Search online

You’ll need to be on the ball, but comparison sites such as travelsupermarket and trivago offer great deals which beat comparison sites for a short time. Try Holiday Pirates who specialise in deals on holidays, flights and hotels. Others worth checking out are Travelzoo and Secret Escapes. Packages will go on sale with exclusive discounts and offers for a short period, sometimes even only 12 hours so you need to know your budget and you’re travelling dates before you start your search.

If you are fortunate to have someone to look after your little cherubs while you escape to the sun, check out these latest discount codes from iconic holiday group Club Med – just search for club med deals.

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