Car safety is essential for families


The safety of the vehicles you use within your family is very important. When purchasing a vehicle this is one of the main concerns. Luckily, vehicles are safer than ever due to modern safety regulations. You may wonder how cars became so safe. The answer is complicated but there is no question that motor racing, especially Formula One, has played a large role in developing the essential safety features we take for granted every day. In the past, Formula One had a high rate of injuries and fatalities. Now there is rarely even a serious injury and while fatalities do happen, they are rare. This is due to the improved tyres, better handling and other innovations.

Safety comes first with true auto gurus

Max Mosley has long been an advocate of better safety standards for automobiles. He currently serves as the chairman for the Global New Car Assessment Programme (Global NCAP). Recently he has voiced his concern over substandard vehicles that have failed important crash tests, and their impending release to millions of people throughout India. The Global NCAP calls for Datsun Go withdrawal so that the new small car is not released to families that deserve better safety standards. This goes to prove that consumers need to be proactive in researching the safety of the vehicles they use to transport their friends and family. Below are some things to consider when purchasing a safe vehicle for the transport of your loved ones:

Is it too old to meet your standards of safety?

Older or classic cars can be fun to drive and own, however they do not have the safety features of a modern vehicle unless some customization has been done. This means there are no air bags and seat belts may be non-existent or in poor repair. Older cars can seem like a bargain at times, especially if they have been well maintained, but you need to understand that safety should probably be more important than money when choosing transportation for your loved ones.

Buy from a reputable establishment

It is important to buy your vehicle from a reputable dealer or have it inspected before purchase when buying privately. Purchasing a vehicle from a dealer often means you have a warranty, whereas if you purchase from an individual there is usually no warranty. Don’t be afraid to ask about safety features and be careful to verify when the air bags were checked. Air bags do not stay in deployable condition forever and although you are not supposed to sell a vehicle that has had air bags deployed and not replaced, it can happen and you don’t want to be a victim.

Take your time

Purchasing a vehicle of any sort is a big commitment. You need to be sure that you are getting the right vehicle for your needs, with the latest safety features. Look at multiple vehicles and do some research, such as reading reviews before making a final choice. It is a lot better to buy a suitable car than to deal with the consequences of a bad purchase later.

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