Check out the Latest Pond Pumps and Filters

There has long been a trend for ornamental garden ponds, with fish and plants and perhaps a fountain or other water feature, and they look great in even the smallest of gardens. The sound of running water is considered soothing by many, but even if you don’t want that part of the feature, you should still consider a pond. The fact is that a pond will most likely attract wildlife that would be attracted to a natural pond. This is not only limited to frogs, but also to dragonflies and other beautiful insects that lay their eggs in the water.

You can, of course, also buy fish for your pond from your local aquatics centre, and these can be a surprisingly beautiful addition, along with lilies and other aquatic plants that will help to keep your pond suitable for wildlife. There are many accessories that you need when you set up a pond – and certain considerations you need to make if you are to get it right – so let’s have a closer look at how to go about planning and installing a pond, and why you need a pond pump and filter if you are to get the most out of it.

Be careful if you use weed killers near your pond, as if this runs into the water it could become harmful to the fish. For some of the best weed killers click here.

Designing a Pond

Ponds are so popular nowadays that you can buy pre-formed pond liners, made from fibreglass mouldings, in a range of shapes and sizes. These are excellent – especially for smaller ponds – but we recommend you consider building your own using readily available plastic pond liner material, and simply digging a hole to the depth and shape required. The first thing you need to consider, then, is the size and location of your pond, which will be determined by how much available space you have.

Next, you need to think about the accessories you need, and one that is absolutely essential is a pond pump and filter combination. In nature, ponds are often fed by a moving stream, and this movement keeps the water fully aerated and healthy for the wildlife that chooses to live there. Your pond will not have this natural movement or aeration, so you need to create it with a pump and filter that not only keeps the water moving, but also cleans it and keeps it free of damaging algae and bacteria that will deter wildlife.

Choosing a Pump

You can find plenty of information and excellent pond pump reviews online, and it is worth reading all the information you can in order to make sure you have a full understanding of the one that is best for you. For a start, you need one that will be sufficiently powerful to handle the capacity of water in your pond, so make sure you understand how big your pond actually is!

Once you have chosen a pump and filter set up, you will find it very simple to install and use, and also will discover that maintenance is minimal, so sit back and enjoy your creation, and watch it change with the seasons!

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