Connecting with your children through inspirational figures


While young children are developing, it is important that they be exposed to inspirational figures that can help them strive to be better and more productive citizens. Inspirational figures can help children set goals that will help others around them. Here are a few individuals who will inspire everyone to do better:

Jennifer Atiku

Jennifer is heavily involved with eradicating AIDS and HIV in Africa, through the Gede Organization. It is her belief that better education, counselling and medical care can combat the terrible effects this disease is having on the African people. Her status allows her to reach out to a wide range of potential benefactors that share her beliefs and goals. Jennifer was recently called to the bar for her law degree and her husband could not be prouder of his wife’s accomplishment, as seen at http://www.36ng.com.ng/2014/11/25/atiku-celebrates-as-his-wife-prof-jamilah-atiku-abubakar-gets-called-to-the-bar/.

Roshaneh Zafar

Roshaneh has dedicated herself to helping empower women by encouraging them and giving them support in entrepreneurial endeavours. She founded the Kashf Foundation, which provides microloans to women in Pakistan. Over $225 million has been loaned to women who are often turned down for any financial help. Women who never considered themselves as ever being business owners are now the proud heads of successful businesses. Their leadership will go on to make sure that other girls will realize their potential.

Andeisha Farid

In Afghanistan, women and children often do not have access to good education. After college, Andeisha moved to Kabul and in 2007 started the Afghan Child Education and Care Organization. The group has ten orphanages that house an average of 45 children each, and offers them the opportunity of an education that can put them on the fast track to success.

Helping children and teens set goals

Over the years, the interests of a child can change a lot; core values can however persist. Teaching children to set goals for themselves and help others at a young age can be very beneficial to them later on. You can help them by being a good example yourself. There are many volunteer opportunities and projects in which children and teens can play a role. Young children can help you pick out food to donate to a homeless shelter, or visit elderly people in your community. If a child looks up to an inspirational figure, then explain how they came to be that way. You might say that they went to college first to gain the skills they needed and that is why it is important to do well in school, or how they realized that others were less fortunate and needed help.

Determination and problem solving

It is also important to highlight that inspirational figures are very determined people who are typically problem solvers. Staying calm and making a plan to conquer a problem is critical to achieving a goal. Determination should also not get in the way of a feeling of compassion for others. This means being able to effectively communicate and work with others who have differing opinions and backgrounds.

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