How to Decide Between an iPad and a Windows Tablet for Your Kids?

Tablets are an ideal gadget for just browsing the net. Bigger than a smartphone, but not quite a laptop, the tablet allows you to do things on a big screen without having to load up your PC. Over the past decade, there has been quite a significant evolution of tablets. When the first tablet came out, everyone was quite dubious about what the point of it was. Sure, it was something of a novelty, but why have a tablet if you already have a smartphone and laptop? It took some time for the gadget to establish itself as a household favourite. Now most households have at least one tablet in them.


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So, how do you go about choosing a tablet that suits your needs? The obvious front-runner is the iPad, but is that the right choice for you and your family? Here, to help you make your decision, are a few pros and cons to Windows tablets VS iPads.

Windows Tablets

When developers first released Windows tablets, they had nothing on iPads. These gadgets took some time to catch up with the all-encompassing Apple tablet. When they did, though they had much more variety to offer the average consumer. You can now buy a wide range of windows tablets from plenty of top brands, and each has something different to offer users.

  • Brand Choice

Samsung is by far the favourite brand in Windows tablets. The manufacturer has completely redeveloped the gadget. Keen readers will also love the Kindle’s older brother the Kindle Fire, which comes in HD. With Windows tablets, there is so much by way of choice.

  • Modifications

Can’t decide between a laptop and a tablet? With many Windows tablets, there is no need to decide. Many of the top name tablets also have a keyboard that you can attach. Doing so turns the tablet into a notebook or laptop.

  • Apps

There is not the wide range of apps for Windows tablets that there is for iPads. The Windows apps have been slower to develop than iOS apps. That means that you can’t always get your favourite apps on a Windows tablet.

  • Multi-tasking Screen

On many of the most-common Windows tablets, you can now multi-task on screen. Multi-tasking means more than one app or program is open, and both are responsive at the same time. You can have two screens open side by side and work on both at the same time.


The iPad has seen a great many generations since Apple unveiled the original tablet. Apple has always been favourites in the world of technology and many people buy into the iPad just because of the brand. But, does the iPad have anything more to offer customers than a Windows tablet?

  • Expense

The iPad is currently the most-expensive tablet on the market. You can pay three to four times as much for an iPad as you would for your average tablet. Much of the time users are paying for a brand name, rather than substance.

  • Retina Display

What does retina display mean? Well, to be honest, it just means a rather snazzy version of HD. The phrase has won Apple plenty of fans. In reality, a new addition to the tablet makes little difference to the user’s experience.

  • More Apps

Developers tend to focus on iOS apps more than they do Windows apps. That means that there are more apps available for iPads than Windows tablets.

  • iOS 7


Let’s face it, iOS 7 was a disaster. If your iPad wasn’t shutting down, it was closing apps and refusing to open programs. Luckily many of the original faults with this operating system no longer exist, yet the memories remain.

  • Siri

Ah, Siri, man’s best friend. Siri is your personal assistant available 24/7 to fulfil all your needs. Siri might be exclusive to Apple, but you can get plenty of similar PA apps, such as the Cortana Voice Assistant.

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