Essentials Every Mum Needs In Her Handbag

Over the years, I’ve learned many lessons about being a mum, one of which, is that it pays to be prepared. And, that is why I always keep everything I may need in my handbag.

From hand sanitizer to lollipops, I keep my bag well stocked with bits and bobs I may need while out and about. It might sound crazy, but with little ones running around, you never know what you might need.


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To help you make sure that you have everything you could possibly need in your handbag, I have put together this handy guide below:

  1. Hand sanitizer

It’s times like when you are in a dirty public bathroom, that hand sanitizer comes in really handy. Not only can you use it to kill germs on yours and your child’s hands, but, you can also squirt a little sanitizer onto a tissue and wipe around the toilet seat before you use it.

Hand sanitizer can also come in handy when your child somehow manages to end up touching a dirty floor or handrail. It is times likes these, and so many others, that hand sanitizer is essential.

If you are not a fan of the shop made hand sanitizers, you could always make your own hand sanitizer.

  1. Sunscreen

It is a good idea to keep a travel-sized sunscreen in your handbag just in case the sun makes a sudden appearance.

While it’s a good idea to apply sunscreen before you leave the house, sometimes plans change, and you may find yourself spending an unexpected afternoon in the sun. That is when a travel sized bottle of sunscreen comes in really handy.

  1. Small toys

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but keeping a few small toys and travel games in your handbag is perfect for keeping the kids entertained wherever you are.

Whether you are at a doctor’s appointment, out to dinner or on a long car journey, keeping some toys in your handbag can be a lifesaver.

  1. Safety harness

Once kids get to a certain age, they become too big to sit in the pushchair and instead want to walk along beside you. While this is great, if they refuse to stay close and hold your hand it can be rather worrying – what if they run out in the road or wander too far?

To keep your little ones safe while you are out and about, invest in some wrist links, and attach your child to your wrist or pushchair.

  1. Antibacterial wipes

You may be thinking why would you need hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes, but trust me, both are essential.

While hand sanitizer is great for cleaning your hands, antibacterial wipes come in handy everywhere. From wiping down dropped children’s cutlery to cleaning sticky faces, antibacterial wipes are essential.

  1. Mini first aid kit

Kids have a habit of falling over and grazing their knees everywhere; that is why it pays to carry a mini first aid kit in your handbag.

While you can invest in a travel size first aid kit, to keep in your purse, some children’s plasters, antibiotic cream, and wound cleaning wipes can be just as useful.

You may also want to keep a couple of sachets of children’s Nurofen in your handbag for when your little one is feeling under the weather.

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