Everything a Family Bathroom Needs

In a family household, the bathroom has to cater for all ages and suit the needs of everyone. This means you have to plan out how the bathroom will look and what it will include very carefully.

Focus on the Bath

The most important part of any family bathroom is, without a doubt, the bath. You need a bath with plenty of space. When you have young children, and you have to sit with them while they use it, not having enough space around the bath can be a real problem. If you have the space to accommodate one, you should definitely think about buying a freestanding bath. That way, you’ll have plenty of space around it.

You will need to make sure that the rest of the bathroom suite matches the bath you buy too. You might also want to install a shower, but that all depends on the preferences of your family. Visit to find the latest deals on baths, showers, and toilets. Finding deals online is usually a much better option than browsing the high street retailers.

Get Creative with Storage

You can never have too much storage in the bathroom when you have a young family to think about. It’s not something that a lot of people think of when they’re planning out their bathroom. But when it comes to putting the bathroom to use, you soon start wishing that you had a little more storage space. Leave some space on the walls where you can install shelves and storage units. You’ll be glad you’ve done this when it comes to putting all your bits and bobs away.

Think about combining your sink with a vanity cabinet to make the most of the space you have. You’ll be able to store a lot in the cabinet without having to take up too much of your precious floor space. When you’re choosing your cabinet, make sure that it fits in the space you have and also complements the overall design choices you’ve previously made. It has to match the rest of the room, or it’ll stand out far too much.


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A Good Design

Just because the whole family is going to be using the bathroom, that doesn’t mean you have to make it look like a child’s room. It should have a good, grown-up design, with children’s elements thrown in. That way is will be representative of the whole family rather than just the kids. Ther’s nothing worse than those bathrooms that look more like a nursery playroom than an actual bathroom. So, don’t make that mistake.

Think about what you want the room to look like regardless of the family and start planning from there. You could go for a modern, minimalist design or maybe a colour-based theme. Black and white bathrooms look great, and they’re very popular at the moment. Of course, you will need to make some practical considerations too. When you have kids, you need plenty of tiles, so stay away from carpets and wallpapers. You need surfaces that are simple to wipe down and dry after bath time.


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