Everything You Need to Throw a Fancy Dress Extravaganza Party

Fancy dress parties are possibly the best kind of party. Everybody gets to pretend to be somebody else for a few hours: whether that’s their favourite celebrity, somebody in the news at the moment, or a legendary public figure. Creating a costume that makes people realise who you are dressed up as can be very rewarding, and let’s not forget that they make great photo opportunities! The following points will tell you everything you need to throw a fancy dress extravaganza party:

Great Costumes

If you want this to be a great party, everybody needs to be in the fancy dress spirit. Make sure that you have a great costume, and tell everybody who you’ve invited to make a big effort with theirs. Make sure your kids have amazing costumes too. You could try to make them yourself – this can be a lot of fun! You can find inspiration and ideas online to help you.

Amazing Food

All great parties need amazing food. It’s up to you whether you want to be a bit like Heston Blumenthal and make your food look like something it’s not. This will add to the ‘fancy dress’ effect. You could always just put on a regular party buffet to make things easier. You can save money on desserts and sweets by purchasing wholesale candy and putting it in bowls too. You could even hire a sweet cart so people can create their own pick ‘n’ mix bags.

Fun Decorations

Parties MUST have fun decorations. It’s the rules. It’s up to you how you do it. Banners, balloons, and party poppers are always a good idea. Why not have an exploding glitter ball that sends glitter everywhere? Bear in mind that you may have to clean it up afterwards. Set any kind of theme you think will go down well with your guests.

The Perfect Location

You could throw this party at your house, if you don’t mind cleaning up afterwards. Bear in mind that you’ll need to put valuables and breakables away to make sure nothing happens to them. If you can’t be bothered with all that, hire a room. Many of them come at a reasonable price, and you can even find some you can hire for free providing you invite lots of people who will buy drinks from the bar.

A Fantastic Playlist

If you want everybody to get on the dance floor in their fancy dress gear, create a playlist designed to do just that. Include something for everybody, not just music you like. Play music the kids will like, like One Direction, for example. 90s dance classics always go down well with the adults!

Great People

Finally, make sure you’ve invited some great people to your party. You’re bound to have a good time! If you want a specifically themed ‘superhero’ fancy dress party, take a look at this post. You can do it on a budget too, if you need to.

Now you can start planning your amazing party!

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