Get Your Wardrobe Ready for Winter

Colder months are upon us. As fall slowly creeps in, it won’t be long before winter comes in all its glory as well. Also, now is a perfect time to reorganize and refresh your wardrobe so that you’re completely ready to say goodbye to summer and warm sunny days. As you start replacing your summer clothes with those that are more appropriate for winter and fall, make sure to check whether every garment is in a good condition and whether you need to buy something new for the upcoming season.

Prep The Shoes

It’s very important that your winter boots and other shoes for colder weather are nice, clean and water resistant. Before you put them in your wardrobe or shoe cabinet, make sure to thoroughly clean any stains or dirt that stuck to your footwear. Also, conditioning them with a special balm will make them look as good as new and polish them nicely. In case that you need to get yourself a new pair of winter shoes, make sure to always go for warmth and comfort and seek the ones that are marketed as water resistant.

Get The Sweaters Out

Everyone enjoys sweater weather. Therefore, remember to take your winter sweaters out from the storage and air them properly. If necessary, give them a good wash as well. By doing that now you’ll be able to see if the sweaters have any pills so that you can trim them with scissors or remove them with a fabric shaver. Remember to leave wardrobe freshener inside. That way your sweaters will always have a nice smell and you could even make your own wardrobe freshener as a fun DIY project.

Stock Up on Basics

Even though you love your wool sweaters and jumper dresses, make sure that you also have enough basic pieces in your wardrobe. In this regard, if you have to buy something new, go for the basics first. Layering your clothes will not only make you trendy but warm as well. Together with interesting scarves and flattering cardigans, your outfits will look a lot more put together while the chills won’t be able to get you down.

Check Your Coat

If you already own a fine coat, make sure to freshen it up by getting it to dry cleaner’s or airing it out. Of course, de-lint your coat with a good coat brush so that it doesn’t look worn out and messy. On the other hand, if you decide that it’s time to buy a new coat, make sure to consider investing a bit more money in the purchase. Good quality outwear is worth the investment because that way you’ll be able to get the most use out of it for many cold seasons to come. What’s more, if you go for a timeless design, you’ll definitely manage to look fashionable and elegant in the future as well.

Wash The Accessories

Some might say that the accessories make the whole outfit. If you want to rock your fashionable hats, scarves and gloves this winter, make sure to give them a good wash. Most people neglect washing these accessories, which can cause skin irritations over time. Remember, hat touches your hair and forehead, gloves touch the skin on your hands while you’d usually wrap the scarf around your neck and chin and sometimes even mouth. Therefore, you don’t want any source of bacteria from these accessories.

With everything said and done, try to properly organize your wardrobe and either invest in or make your own storage solutions. That way, your garments will be neatly kept and you’ll know exactly where everything is. For storing your summer clothes away, consider putting them in vacuum bags so that they don’t take up a lot of space.

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