My Husband – The Real Superhero In My Life

dadAlthough comic books have always featured heavily in my life, I still see them as largely a bit of escapism.  Even when this escapism influences my real life, I don’t feel like a live in a fantasy world.  However, as I grew up comic books definitely shaped the vision I had of what the perfect man for me should be.  The characters I read about and identified the most strongly with were the ones who were strong, confident, and proactive, while being gentle, soft and kind when it counted.

It has only been in the last few years that I have realised how truly big an impact the male superheroes I read about affected the type of man I was attracted to and eventually fell in love with.  Obviously female characters such as Kitty Pryde, Jean Grey, Tank Girl and Wonder Woman influenced me in terms of who I wanted to be, the male characters had a similar impact.

I was always attracted to Wolverine because he seemed to understand what it meant to be a protector, while Professor Xavier from the X-Men was wise, intelligent and understanding.  I definitely saw bits and pieces of both these characters in my hubby when I first met him, even if it was purely on a subconscious level.  He was warm, kind, but wasn’t shy to stand up for what he believed and I always felt completely safe when we were out on a date.

Superman was another male character that I really admired and respected because of his strong moral code and sense of justice.  My husband has always shared those traits and never acts or says things that contradict his principles.  The same could be said for Captain America and Batman who also have strong ethical and moral codes and who are both very loyal.  It didn’t take many dates for us to realise how strong our connection was becoming and I knew, just had that feeling inside that he was the one.  He was the one that was going to look after me, support me, take care of me, but also respect me and let me be my own woman.

My husband can be at times arrogant, in a humorous sort of way.  It is as endearing as it is irritating.  He does realise that it is completely outrageous to act like that and in a way I think he does it just to play up to how he is “perceived”.  This arrogance I do realise now is much like that same charming arrogance that Tony Stark/Iron Man has that although it is annoying, you can’t help but like the guy!  Unless you are going up against him that is!

I think my husband will blush when he reads this post and will also probably complain that I didn’t compare him to Thor!  I will just tell him honestly that he is not a god, does not have as muscular a body as Thor, does not have a powerful hammer and is not blonde!

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