Hyperactive Kids? The Complete Guide To Calming Them Down!

Sometimes, it can feel as though your kids are a whirlwind, and you are a building ready to fall. When your children become hyperactive, they can be more than a handful. Many parents find this phase super stressful, and some fail to cope with it at all. It is crucial that you stay in control no matter what your children do. They might be tearing the house apart, but you need to remember that you are the adult. The moment you lose your temper, you have lost the battle. Instead, use this guide to help you calm your children down so that you can get some much-needed rest.


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Find your inner zen

Before you do anything, you need to take control of your emotions. If your little ones have pushed you to your limits, you might be about ready to snap. If you want to take control of this situation, you need to be calm and have a cool head on your shoulders. Remove yourself from the situation and get perspective. Sure, your son might be driving you insane, but he is just a child. Try some breathing exercises until you feel ready to tackle the issue.

Limit sugary sweets

One thing that is sure to make kids hyper is sugar. Many snacks have additives and sweeteners in them, and so they are no good for little children at all. If you find that your kids get excitable after they have had snacks, you need to stop letting them eat junk. What you feed your children has a direct effect on the way they act.

Use relaxation techniques

If you want to settle your children fast, you should use some simple relaxation techniques. What will calm your children down? Some parents find that using devices or gadgets can help. Massage chairs in 2015 are much more advanced than they once were. If you put your children in the seat for just five minutes, you will notice a change in their mood. You can use these gadgets whenever you need to so that your little ones calm down. You might find that your kids enjoy the chair so much that they always want to sit in it.

Turn off any distractions

When your children begin to misbehave, you need to turn off any distractions in the house. For example, if they had been watching cartoons before they got hyper, turn off the TV. This step might sound a little harsh, but you need to do it. Your kids need to understand that their actions have consequences. If you take something away from your children and, most importantly, tell them why you are doing so, they will understand.

Start your bedtime routine early

You should begin your bedtime routine around two to three hours before you want your children to sleep. If you get your kids ready for bed when their bedtime is, you will find that they kick up a massive fuss. If you start earlier than you usually would, you have time for their tantrums, and they will still go to bed at the right time. Children are often naughty at bedtime because they don’t want to sleep. They think if they can hold your attention, they can get away with staying up late.

Battling with hyper children feels as though it is a never-ending issue. If you find that you try these steps and your kids are still crazy, you should take them to the doctors and see if they are okay. You might find that there is something else causing their moods, and so you need to know what to do next. Remember, if you persevere, you should succeed! Good luck, fellow mommy.



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