Ideas For Creating A Superhero Inspired Kids Bedroom

Just as some children are obsessed with pirates and fairy princesses, others are totally in love with the idea of becoming a superhero. Children who love superheroes tend to be fascinated by the weird and wonderful super powers their favourite heroes possess.


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Creating a superhero themed room for your child is a cool and exciting way to develop their imagination. If your child is superhero obsessed, there is no better way to fulfill their dreams than creating them their own superhero themed space.

To find out how to create a fun and unique superhero inspired bedroom, have a read of this.

Choose the theme

Obviously the theme should be something superhero based, but it is important to think carefully about it. What would your child prefer, a specific superhero bedroom, such as their own Batcave or a bedroom that incorporates all of their favourite superheroes?

To find out what your child would like, it might be a good idea to ask them who their favourite superhero is and use that as a starting point. If you child only mentions one superhero go for a particular theme, but if they mention lots of different superheroes a general theme might be the best option.

Consider your budget

When planning any decorating project, it is always a good idea to set a budget before you start. Otherwise, you may get a little carried away and overspend.

Once you have decided on a price for your budget, you can then start breaking down the costs into sections. For example, you could break the costs up into the following sections: paint, decor, bed linen, and accessories.

Choose between paint and wallpaper

You may be feeling a little torn between painting and wallpapering – think about your ideas and the easiest way to create them. For example, if you are thinking about covering the entire room in different superheroes, then wallpapering would be an easier option. However, if you are planning to only have one wall with a comic book extract on it, it might be a good idea to paint the other walls and use wallpaper on your accent wall.

When choosing between paint and wallpaper, think about the overall effect you want to create. As well as the style you are going for, and go from there.

Think about the decor

A crucial part of creating an amazing superhero themed room is getting the decor right – think about what decor you want to use. For example, if you are planning on replacing your child’s bed, why not look into superhero themed children’s beds, instead of just buying a regular style.

Think carefully about the decor. What type of pictures do you want? What sort of superhero accessories will the room need? Think about the style of the room and what you child would like – perhaps some superhero models would be a good choice?

Don’t forget storage

An important part of a neat and tidy children’s bedroom is adequate storage space. So make sure that when you are designing your child’s new room, that you take storage space into account.

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