Keeping Your Kids Entertained in the House: Inspiration and Ideas

Sometimes, there’s just no way you can take your kids to play outside. You might have torrential rain in your area, or perhaps you need to wait at home for a food delivery. Whatever the reason, you need ways to keep your kids stimulated indoors. You don’t always want them to sit in front of the TV for hours either! This post should give you plenty of inspiration and ideas, so you don’t have to fret:

Bake Something

Baking stuff is one of the best things you can do to keep kids entertained. They’ll improve their cooking skills, learn all about tastes and ingredients, and you’ll both get to enjoy the results afterwards. You don’t just have to stick to baking either; you could let them help you make dinner, or invite them to make their own lunch. By letting them choose their own ingredients, they’ll quickly learn what works together and what doesn’t.

Teach Them to Sew

Sewing is a great skill to have, especially when they’re older and they want to repair toys, clothes, or make something brand new. Sewing can even be a great way to create a pretty picture to hang on the wall. Cross stitch is the easiest stitch to teach them, so start off with that. You also need to make sure that they aren’t going to hurt themselves with the needle you give them. Safety around sewing equipment is very important. Who knows, when they grow up they might enjoy making their own clothes, cushions, and other stuff. This could be a lucrative career for them! This could be a lucrative career for them – careful though, they’ll be after an overlocker in no time!

Help Them Write a Story

Kids love making up fantasy characters and lands, so why not encourage them to write a story? You could leave them to their own devices, or you could get involved. A fun way to make a story is for each person to write a paragraph in turn, having only seen the last sentence of the last person’s paragraph. This usually results in a hilarious story. As many people as you like can get involved too.

Make up a Dance Routine

If your kids have a favourite song, why not get them to make up a dance routine to it? You can tell them that they can perform for you later, and maybe even the rest of the family too. Like a big show that they need to rehearse for!


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Create an Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are a lot of fun, and they can be a great way to wear your kids out if you want them to have a nap or settle down afterwards. You’ll need to change things around and you might make a bit of a mess, but it’ll be worth it when your child goes off to bed without  complaining.

Tie Dye Old Clothes

Both you and your kids probably have a load of old clothes. Why not practice tie dying them? Customising clothes is a lot of fun, and the kids will be proud when they wear the garments. You can experiment with lots of different techniques too, so it can’t get boring.

Play ‘Hot and Cold’

Hide something of your child’s, and then get them to look for it. You tell them ‘cold’, ‘cool’, ‘freezing’ and other similar terms when they aren’t close to the item. Tell them ‘hot’, ‘warm’, and ‘boiling’ when they are close by. This is a great way to improve their problem solving skills.

Make Something

Making something detailed can take a lot of time, so this should keep your kids suitably occupied. They could make something out of play dough, lego, or even matchsticks. There’s no limit to what they can make if you have the supplies!


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Give Them a Book or Comic to Read

If your kids get into reading from a young age, they’ll improve their language, spelling, and grammar skills. If you take it in turns to read to one another, they’ll improve their speaking and listening skills too. Reading a story can help take them to a new world and ignite their own imagination. This could be in the form of a book or comic; it’s up to you!

Play a Board Game

With all of the games on the internet these days, people forget that board games exist. Classic board games such as Monopoly and Scrabble are a lot of fun, and again, they help to improve certain skills.

Play Games and Take Quizzes Online

Playing games and taking quizzes online is always a safe bet, and there are literally hundreds to choose from. Just remember to monitor the kind of things they’re doing to ensure they are suitable for their age. If they’re struggling with a particular game or quiz, http://www.quizanswers.com can be a useful resource. It’ll keep them quiet for a bit, anyway!

Get Them Into Origami

Origami is a magical hobby where you can turn a simple sheet of paper into something much more complex and exciting. Swans, fortune tellers, balloons, airplanes, and even a mini Yoda can all be created out of paper. It’s all about knowing how to fold it in just the right way to get the desired result.

Watch a Classic Film

Is there a particular film you loved as a child? Perhaps a film that you feel changed your outlook or helped you in some way? Why not introduce it to your children? Sharing things you once loved with your children is a wonderful experience, especially if it helps them the same way it helped you. There are some films kids just have to see, such as It’s a Wonderful Life or The Wizard of Oz.

You can’t do much better than using these ideas to entertain your kids. Try a few of them to see what they like doing best. If you have more than one child, one might like to do one idea, while one tries another. Make sure you can supervise both so that they stay safe.

Have fun keeping your kids entertained!


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