All Kids Should Have a Hobby: Here’s How to Help Yours

All kids should have a hobby. Way too many kids these days spend their time indoors, whether they’re on the internet or playing games on their PS4. Don’t get me wrong; playing games and browsing the internet is find in moderation. It’s just that many kids think that’s all there is to life. It’s all they care about. Hobbies can help kids to develop confidence, social skills, and a new purpose in life!

In my opinion, all kids should have a hobby. This could be anything; reading, writing, playing an instrument, collecting something – whatever. They all have amazing benefits! If your child has multiple hobbies, that’s even better. If they chose a sporty hobby like dancing, paired with an intellectual hobby like reading, you’d end up with a little Einstein for sure! But how can you encourage them to have a hobby?

Limit the Time They Spend on The Internet

The first step is to limit the time they spend on the internet. Make sure they know exactly how long they’re allowed to stay on there, and stick to it. Don’t let them have an ‘extra 10 minutes’, as this lets them know that they can manipulate you and get their own way. Instead, tell them that it’s time to come off but they can do something else instead – enter the hobby. They’ll be way more inclined to pick up a book or a musical instrument if they can’t use distractions like the internet.

Introduce Them to Different Hobbies

Let them test out different hobbies and see how they like them. Send them to a beginner’s dance class for example, or let them try out Karate. Let them try multiple hobbies so they know exactly what they like to do. Don’t force them to do anything they don’t want to do though, or they’ll suck the fun right out of it!


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Share Your Own Hobbies With Them

If you have hobbies of your own, share them with them. Let them watch you as you make clothes, furniture, or whatever else it is you like to do. Invite them to help if they want to. Don’t expect them to have exactly the same hobbies as you though – your kids are individuals too!

Give Them a Choice

Finally, give your kids a choice. Just outright ask them what they’d like to do. When you think they’re serious about something, playing an instrument for example, you can do things like hire a tutor from bespokemusictuition.com. Then you know that this isn’t just a passing fad and you paying for their tuition is worthwhile.

Kids can feel discouraged easily if they don’t quickly make progress, so it’s up to you to encourage them and tell them how great they’re doing. They’ll soon become an expert at what it is they decide to do. Encourage them to stick at it, and make sure they know all of the benefits they can enjoy from continuing with their hobby.

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