Learn to Read with Bookbot – Fun and Effective Virtual Reading Assistant

Reading is an essential skill, and one that kids enjoy. For some kids it is harder to learn to read correctly than for others, so any help that mum and dad can get is welcome. The great thing about living right now is that we have access to some truly impressive technology. We can talk to our smart phones and ask them to find what we need, and if you have any of the home hubs that respond to voice commands you will know how impressive they are.

So, taking that technology and refining it, brings you Bookbot, a brilliant reading assistant for kids that will help them learn to read easily. Check out and you’ll see just how clever this very neat Virtual Reading Assistant is.

Why do you need Bookbot, and what can it do?

What is Bookbot?

It’s not easy to teach a child to read, especially one that finds it difficult. That’s what Bookbot is all about; helping kids learn to read so that they are not left behind the kids that find it easy. It works in a very simple fashion: your child reads out loud using the Bookbot assistant, and it will help them in a number of ways. Here are some of the clever features you need to know about:

  • Bookbot will select books for your child to read according to their current reading ability. The books will be just a little more difficult than they can handle, in order to bring them on carefully yet surely.
  • As the child reads, each word is highlighted on the screen, as if you were guiding them manually on the page.
  • If the child reads the word correctly, the highlighting is removed. This gives the child the confidence that they are reading well.
  • Should a word be read or pronounced incorrectly, Bookbot will repeat it correctly, allowing the child to continue once they have it right.

Bookbot uses a proven phonics approach that is widely used in the UK, so you know that your child is being taught correctly.

What Do I Need?

Bookbot is provided in the form of an app, downloaded to iPad or iPhone. For a small monthly fee you get full access to the Bookbot app, and there are subscription packages for individual users as well as for teachers who may want to use the app for a group.

Android and Windows versions of the Bookbot app are due to be rolled out shortly, so you will be able to use it on just about any hand-held device.

As Bookbot is committed to helping improve literacy in young people, they also offer a wide selection of free online books for you to download, so if this appeals to you we recommend you check out the website for more information.

A clever method of getting children up to speed with their reading, and one that is fun and easy to use, check out Bookbot now and see how it can help you.

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