What Would Life Be Like If I Was Superman or Wonder Woman?

The title of this blog is definitely something I have considered at many times in my life since I first picked up a DC comic featuring either of these amazing superheroes.  I don’t think you can actually read through a comic, be sucked into the characters’ lives and not think about what you would do if you had their super powers.  Superman and Wonder Woman have very similar powers it has to be said – they are like the male and female versions of the ultimate superhero in terms of strength and ability at least.

The Power Of Flight

Come on now readers, who out there has not ever wanted to be able to soar through the sky like a bird or plane?  Even people who are not particularly fond of comic books and superheroes would still admit to having had dreams about flying.  As well as being able to get where you wanted to without having to navigate through the busy inner city traffic or being forced to take long bus or train journeys; you could simply spring into the air and take yourself the most direct and therefore quickest route – across the sky.

I would definitely make good use of flying.  I would be able to go and see my mum who lives in Bristol for starters.  I could fly down every day if I wanted to for a bit of lunch and a cuppa and still have enough time to fly back home and pick up the kids from school.  I could fly to the top of Mount Snowden, the Grand Canyon, Ayers Rock, Mount Everest or even Mount Fiji whenever I needed a break from day to day life and needed to clear my head by taking in the sights, sounds and atmosphere of somewhere more exotic than Edinburgh.

Superhuman Strength

Apart from flying I think it’s fair to say that the one power that Wonder Woman and Superman possess that most of us would like is super human strength, is it not?  I mean, seriously what mother and wife wouldn’t like to have the power to lift all the shopping out of the car at once rather than having to go back and forth repeatedly from the house to the car or being able to easily lift furniture so that you can clean underneath it?

X-Ray Vision

This I have to say is a personal favourite and very handy as a suspicious, but loving, wife and mother.  I would be able to put this to good use by checking my sons bags in case they were trying to sneak their DS’s to school or to check my husband’s car to make sure he wasn’t planning on taking his golf clubs with him for a sly mid-afternoon break from work on the local course with his mates!  There are obviously other reasons why x-ray vision would be a cracking power, but I am not that sort of girl!


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