Would Being More Like Batman Be Helpful?

batmanObviously you can’t talk about comic books and superheroes regardless of whether you are talking about Marvel or DC without mentioning the one and only Dark Knight – Batman!  Now, understandably I can imagine that there as many people who wouldn’t like to be just like one of the darker characters in comic book history as those who would.  Bruce Wayne, the billionaire playboy does have a rather tragic past, losing both his parents when he was a young kid and thus being raised by his family’s butler.

However, there is a lot that I can’t help but love about Batman.  The world is a desperately bad place and although often the police do their job properly and bad things happen, more often than not the police and other services are underfunded which means they can’t do their job properly.  Now, I am not suggesting that we all don rubber/latex outfits and take to the streets at night with a range of high tech and ultra-cool gadgets and kick criminal scum’s butt, but you have to admit that it would get things done quicker!

Batman, although classed alongside superheroes like Flash, Wonder Woman and of course Superman, does not actually have any super powers.  He was not attacked by a radioactive bug; is not an alien from another galaxy and does not have super human abilities.  However, what he does have is scientific knowledge, expert detective skills, physical ability and agility and lots of money.  Money which he uses to design and build a stunning array of vehicles, tools and weapons that help to clean up the City of Gotham!

Can you imagine anything better than turning up to Aldi in the Batmobile?  It would kind of put to shame that snobby couple who turn up in their Range Rover!  In terms of crime fighting can you imagine not getting a kick out of chasing down a suspect who was on the run after robbing a bank and having to use your trusty grapple gun to scale tall buildings in the chase?  Once you got close enough you could use one of the famous batarangs to take the bad guy out so that you could hand him over the police when they arrived on the scene.

The thing is, even if I didn’t ever use any of those gizmos and gadgets I would love to wear Batman’s utility belt.  I don’t care what kind of looks I would get on the school run or when going to lunch with my girlie friends!  That nice utility belt would go well with my nice denim skirt, blouse and my converse trainers!

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