Make A Perfect Playroom For Your Kids With These Easy Tips!

There’s a decent chance you’ll have a spare room in your house somewhere. Or an attic/basement that’s not being used to its full potential. Instead of letting so much space go to waste, why not convert one of these rooms into a playroom? It will be a perfect little place for your kids to play with their toys and let their imaginations run wild.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You think it’s going to be too hard to design a playroom, you’ve never done this before! Fear not, fellow parents, I’ve got some tips for you to make life easier:


Just because you don’t look up all the time, doesn’t mean you should neglect the ceiling. Decorate it with as much care as you would any other part of the room! Maybe go all Michelangelo and paint something on the ceiling. If you’re good with arty things, this can be a great idea.

It could also be an idea to get a ceiling feature, like a Hunter Fan. I think this would be good for a playroom because it can cool down your kids so they don’t get hot and bothered while playing in the summer. If you’ve gone for a themed wallpaper, then make sure your ceiling fits in with the design of the theme too. Whatever you choose to do, don’t decorate the entire room and leave the ceiling blank!


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The floor is arguably the most important part of the playroom. If you don’t have enough floor space, then your kids aren’t going to have room to play. Map out how much space you need before you think about adding things, such as furniture. If you only have one child, you’ll need less floor space than someone with two children. It’s something you’ll figure out just by sight. It may be a good idea to put minimal furniture in the room, just so there’s more playing space.

Also, think about what flooring you want for the playroom. In my opinion, there’s only one option here. If you’re making a playroom for your children, you need to have a carpeted floor. It’s soft, and won’t hurt them if they fall over. Plus, it will keep the room a lot warmer, which is good during the cold months of the year.


A key part of the playrooms design will be the wallpaper. Decorate the room with the finest wallpaper full of your kids favourite TV characters. There are lots of superhero themed wallpapers about that will be perfect for your young avengers! Alternatively, you can just go for a simple coloured wallpaper. Choose a colour that gives off a nice, playful feel to the room. No kid should have a playroom that’s covered in black, gloomy wallpaper.

Another idea for the walls would be to paint a mural on one of them. This could be anything you like, a cartoon adaptation of your children is something that springs to mind. You could paint them next to their favourite heroes! Or, if you can’t paint, hire someone that can and they’ll do it for you.


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