How To Make The Most Of Your Free Time (With The Kids)

When it comes to spending quality time with your children, it can be hard. If you spend most of your time working, you need to ensure that you have some time for your kids too. When you have young kids, it is vital that you spend as much time with them as possible. If you don’t, you will find that you miss some of their crucial childhood moments. When you get some free time, here is how you can make the most of it with your kids.


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Start the day early

When the weekend comes, you might find it tempting to lie in and waste the day in bed. Sure, it might feel nice to have a little extra sleep, but it is a waste of time. Instead, you should make sure that you get up early and start the day. Most young children wake up early, because they go to bed early. If you find it difficult to get up, get yourself an espresso. Look at these Better Espresso Machines Reviews online and choose a gadget to suit your home. The earlier you get up, the more time you will have with your kids.

Get your little ones to make breakfast

While you are sipping on your hot java, it is time to get your children involved in making breakfast. If you have young children, it is never too soon to start teaching them some basic cooking skills. Ask your kids to make breakfast for your and your partner. They will love that you involve them in the running of the house, and it is a fantastic way to spend some time with them.

Ask your kids what they want to do

Before you start the day, you need to figure out what to do. Ask your children to make a list of activities that they would enjoy. Once they have done that, you can see what is viable. Some great free activities include taking a bike ride and playing in the garden. When you are deciding what to do, you need to keep in mind your budget.

Turn off the TV

Sure, it is tempting to let your children sit in front of the TV all day long. These days, it feels as though modern technology rules every moment of our lives. If you want to spend some quality time with your kids, though, you need to switch everything off. For once, leave the tablets, gadgets and laptops at home. Go out together and enjoy each other’s company.

Plan out fun activities

When you are planning activities for your kids, you should think about ways they can share your passions. For example, if you are like me and you love comic books, you should take them to a shop to buy some. When you share interests with your kids, you will find that it easy to bond with them. You should plan every hour of the day so that your children have loads of things to do. If you have young children, you will know they tire of things quickly. If you have loads of things for them to do, they will never find things boring.

Give yourself some space

Whilst it is fantastic to spend loads of time with your family, sometimes you need a moment to yourself. When you plan your free day, make sure that you plan activities that your kids can do alone. That way, you can have breaks between games so that you can recoup.

Enjoy the day!

The most important thing, you should remember, is that you need to enjoy yourself. Sure, you need to be an authoritative figure, but you can have fun as well. Relax and let your children see your fun side.

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