Mums, Here’s How You Throw The Perfect Children’s Party


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Every year the pressure is on. It’s birthday time for the little ones and they want the best birthday ever! You’ve got to top last year and control a crazy group of kids that are getting older and older. We’ve all been there, and when you get it right, there’s nothing better. The smile of joy and laughters of happiness from your children are worth every second of planning. I’ve been through my fair share of birthdays, and I like to think I’ve perfected the art of kids’ parties! Today I’ll share some of the secrets that have helped me other the years.

Theme – The all important theme is the defining point of the party! Every year I try to do something new and always get the children involved in the decision. A theme makes everything more exciting. They can explore their imaginations with a pirate party or a spaceship party. Last year we threw a pool party which the children loved! Follow the link for more information on throwing your own pool party. One classic that always works is the Disney themed party. Everyone can dress up as their favourite Disney character.

Invite your family – The children’s friends should come first, of course. But, this is a little trick I picked up not so long ago. Invite plenty of your own family and even some of the other mums and dads. You can rope them into helping out with games and food. Hehe! It’s a cheeky trick but it really helps spread the work. You can ease the burden of looking after 20 hyperactive children!

Birthday cake – The cake is the centerpiece of the party. My kids love nothing more than a special themed birthday cake. Actually, they love ripping the icing off the cake a little more! But, a superhero or Disney cake will put a huge smile on their face and their friends. Most of these fun cakes can be bought from the supermarket. But, if you’re feeling really adventurous, why not try and make one yourself. I suggest doing a couple of trial runs if it’s very intricate!

Music and games – Children are more than capable of getting lost in their imagination. They’ll play happily and run around for hours. However, I always find it a good idea to organise the day a little. I separate it into organised games so that I can stay in control. All the classics are fantastic here. Try musical statues, pass the parcel, sleepy lions, or make up your own! Sleepy lions might even give you five minutes of peace and quiet! It’s a good idea to keep some of their favourite music on the stereo all day too.

Favours – The kids love nothing more than running home with a little gift. I like to make little party bags with something to remind them off the day and a piece of cake. A good trick is tying the favour to the theme. So, if it’s a pirate theme they can all go home with an eyepatch, or pieces of eight chocolate.

When it comes to your kid’s parties, let your imagination run wild. It’s their day, so make it special!


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