Potty Training Dilemmas: Useful Tips For Potty Training Your Toddler

Potty training can be exhausting for any parent. Demanding that a child uses the toilet can be tough. After all, this is entirely new to them. Night times can be the time that most problems are presented. In short, potty training is a nightmare.

It doesn’t have to be. Teaching your toddler to use the potty need not be a difficult task. In fact, it can be made a lot simpler should you choose to use these tips.

Don’t Force Potty Training

While you may be keen to ditch the nappy for good, your child may not be ready. Many children have control over their bladder and bowels when they get to two. This means that they have to be ready to ditch the nappy.  Many children want to be dry and clean. They don’t want to be in nappies as they get older. Once they are walking, and more so talking, it’s time to consider potty training.

Remember; children can control their bowels first. This means that wet accidents may occur. Try not to be too hard on your toddler if they cannot control their bladder as well as their bowels. This is normal.

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When to Start Training

Usually, when a toddler is two, it’s the perfect time to start potty training. At this time, they are usually talking and communicating. This means that they can clearly communicate with you when they need the toilet.

When your child tells you that they are using their nappy, it’s time to get on the potty. Keep a small potty at hand and help them with their toilet training. Leave the potty on display. Let your child familiarise themselves with it. They will feel more confident using something that they have an awareness of.  When your child tells you that they need the toilet, direct them straight to the potty. Encourage them to do this every time they need the toilet. This will ensure that a routine is established.

Should an accident occur, don’t shout. Rather, encourage using the potty with praise or a reward. A small treat or a television program should be used as encouragement. Reward using the potty. But, don’t use negative reinforcement if they do not.

If your child has regular bowel movements, take the nappy off ready for this time of day. Do not leave nappies on as a ‘safety net.’ This will only encourage your child to use their nappy instead of the toilet.

http://www.essentialbaby.com.au/ suggest to be prepared for accidents. The key is to make sure that you don’t shout or become cross. Your toddler will become anxious and won’t want to use the bathroom.

Make the Potty Fun

Devise a silly song or dance to support using the potty. While you may feel a little silly doing so, your child will love it. Using the toilet is a ‘grown up’ thing to do. Encourage this. Tell your child that you are proud of them for using the ‘big boy/girl toilet’ but also make sung the potty fun too. Songs and dances can make using the toilet an adventure. This is a positive behaviour that should be encouraged.

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