Retro Games And How To Preserve Them

The kids grow up too quickly. All mums know that, and all mums don’t like it because we will always think of them as our little babies. That is why I love to create as many memories as I can with my babies because you never know when they will be all grown up! One of my favourite ways to do it is to preserve their old toys and games. Maybe I shouldn’t admit it, but they spend so much time with their toys that it would like taking a small piece of their life away if I threw them out.

To help you create some fantastic memories with your kids, I have put together a list of great preservation techniques below.

Store Them In The Basement

A few cardboard boxes will do the trick. In fact, you might need more than a few. I know that my husband and I treat our boys too much, so they have loads of toys that they don’t use. Because I am a bit of a clean freak, I cannot leave them strewn around their rooms. Plus, their rooms don’t have enough storage space to begin with. If you have an extra storage unit like a basement or an attic, put all the toys in cardboard boxes, so they live to fight another day.

Tins And Shelves

Your home might not have extra storage space. God knows there is not enough room to go around and you have to use every inch of space. Don’t worry, though, because there are always other alternatives. All you need are a couple of new shelves and a few empty tins. Recently, I found Pokémon tins that are exactly what every mum is looking for. They can fit all kinds of cards and flexible toys inside, and they are affordable so you can buy lots and not break the bank.



Keep Them In Their Case

In the case of video games, they won’t work if they are left lying around. Scratches and marks will break them, so the kids will never be able to play with them again. I know it is hard because there are so many, but try and put the disks back in the case. They don’t have to go in the right case; they just have to be in a case where they cannot get damaged. I can’t wait to see the boys’ faces in a couple of years when they are playing on the Wii and all the memories that will come flooding back!

Frame Them

You can frame some toys and hang them up around the house. For example, you could frame their old PlayStation games and put them in their room. The frame will prevent any damage, and it will look brilliant, covering all the bases of PlayStation decoration!

Keep The Pets Away

Pets are great, but they will tear the house down if you take your eyes off them for a minute. They are a lot like my boys in that sense! Keep the pets out of their room because they could turn it into a disaster zone within minutes. Even a little bit of drool or saliva can cause damage.


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