Sexy Date Ideas to Rekindle Passion



Lingerie affects men’s imagination not only on a first date. Even in long-term relationships lingerie can be as stimulating for his curiosity as at the very beginnings of love affair. Nothing is more encouraging than a sight of sexy lace shining through…

Stuck in our daily routines, we easily forget that relationships take some effort to stay hot. Men usually buy lingerie for their loved ones when they have some sort of reason, like Valentine’s Day, anniversary, birthday or International Women’s Day. But there are so many more occasions that call for lovely, little gifts. Even an average Wednesday or Thursday may be as good as any other day to plan for an extraordinary date. Where should we look for inspiration though? When relationship is ripe most of ideas may seem so clichéd. If you don’t want to spend yet another evening watching a romcom on TV, make a good use of one of the following advices.

Variety of romantic date types

Unforgettable dates are not only those involving candlelit dinner, wine or starry skies above! Quite often men and women understand term “romantic” in totally different ways. One person may think that given circumstances are an absolute peak of romanticism, while for somebody else these will be just a first step on a long, romantic journey. There is more than just one side to being romantic. Experiment is the best way to learn…

Food plays

Longing for a memorable dinner? Try out oysters, champagne and strawberries, use aphrodisiacs like lovage, coriander or basil. How about intense, dark chocolate, ripe and juicy mangos or pomegranates? Certain herbs, foods and drinks are among best known natural aphrodisiacs. Even Casanova appreciated beneficial and positive influence of food-stuffs on his sexual life quality. It is said that he used to eat 50 fresh oysters for breakfast every morning. But stay calm, even without such a kick start in the morning your evening doesn’t have to be dull and boring.

Certain seafood, especially tiger shrimps, are believed to have special powers and are highly valued by those who want to increase their sexual potential. If you are not too fond of such sophisticated flavors, just try something more affordable like salmon, pike-perch, eel, common sole or trout. Also soft-boiled eggs and ginseng work as great, natural libido boosters. Ginseng root is very beneficial both for physical condition (it may come in handy!) and one’s agility. Undoubtedly all these products, in order to bring desired effect, should be consumed by lovers together. Nice meal made of carefully selected dishes may put feasters in romantic mood and lead them to continue the hot date in the bedroom. After all, is there anything more arousing for a man than a lady who is not afraid of trying new flavors and arrangements?

But food doesn’t have to be just a starter, it can also play a more significant role. Use your imagination. How about a blindfolded woman wearing sexy lingerie and being fed with various food and drinks by her partner? Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It might be extremely sensual for a man to look at her while she’s taking curious bites of mysterious items, trying to figure them out. A picture of scantily dressed woman tasting honey or liquid chocolate from her lover’s hands will stay in his mind for a long, long time.

You can also start a foreplay while cooking your meal together. There are so many TV cooking shows to reach out to for inspiration. And since practice makes perfect, start practicing and bring your action on in your kitchen. Cooking something together may be really exciting, and adding some spice (not only to your dishes) may become very beneficial for your relationship… Who knows, maybe you will become too busy doing other things to even eat anything!

A story left untold

Both women and men alike enjoy role-playing games. We can ask our partner about his/her fantasies and scenarios and then try to make this dream come true. Sometimes it will require gathering some necessary accessories. Maybe a sexy flight attendant uniform that flatteringly emphasizes feminine curves? Or black, tight Batwoman costume that brings attention to her intriguing eyes behind a mask? Or maybe a French maid outfit with its lacy corset, a mini-skirt made of multiple layers of meshwork, satin and lace (short enough to show off her buttocks), and a white half-apron with satin ruffles that highlights trim waist. And don’t forget a ruffled headpiece and sexy stockings. For these and many more inspirations go to

And when a costume is ready it’s time to think of a steamy scenario… Combine your ideas, intertwine them, think outside of the box and dare to go beyond a standard pattern… of dusting your room J.

An accidental rendezvous? 

How about planning a coincidental meeting in a restaurant or at a hotel bar? Become his “Pretty Woman”. Wear daring lingerie set and high heels or put on a sexy wig and order room service. Who knows, maybe opening this door will also be opening of a very interesting night.

A dance that brings two bodies to a symbiosis

You probably noticed that quite often in movies we get to see romantic stories that involve dancing. There’s a good reason for it; two bodies touching and moving to the hot rhythm of let’s say Latino music, shortness of breaths, lacy lingerie escaping slightly from under a spinning dress… Whether it’s a dance class you take together or a night out at some club, one thing is sure: dancing makes all senses come alive and is an amazing incentive for further action.

Are you a sporty type?

Do you know that even a nice, long stroll can easily end up in bedroom? Activities such as jogging or exercising together increase your endorphins level and that is a short cut to desire.

You can’t decide which idea suits you best? How about trying out all of them? Experiment to see what you like most! A romantic or a crazy date – which one do you choose? Be open-minded, try various options out and don’t stop surprising each other in order to keep mutual interest and satisfaction high.

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