The Stress Free Way to Plan Your Child’s Christening

Some people think that a christening is simply to introduce their child into the Christian community, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes it’s just nice to get the whole family and your friends together to celebrate your baby. Although some clergies will be a little strict when it comes to having a christening, many of them are laid back. Some might expect you to attend church twice a year at the holidays, others might not mind so much. If you’ve decided to christen your child, then you need to start planning the service. A lot of parents get in a flap about this, but there’s no need. Here’s the stress free way to plan your child’s christening:

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Booking the Christening

In order to book the christening, you’ll need to speak with the vicar at your local church. They will ask you questions, but it’ll vary depending on their own beliefs and what they want to hear from somebody planning on christening their child. They may simply ask you about your own beliefs, or they might go as far to ask about the godparents and their beliefs/religious background.

Choosing the Godparents

Choosing the godparents can be tricky. There was a time when they were chosen because of their strong religious beliefs, but now they are chosen because they are a close family member/friend. Whoever you choose, it’s important you consider the role that they’ll play in your child’s life, and what kind of a godparent they’ll be. Will you be friends with them in 10 years? Will they step up to help the child if they need to? It used to be tradition to have 2 men and 1 woman for a baby boy, and 2 women and 1 man for a girl. Nowadays you can have as many as you like, but try not to take the special element out of it by choosing too many.

Christening Clothing

All baby’s used to be dressed in a cream or white gown, but now they can wear pretty much anything. It’s totally up to you what you dress them in on the day, just make sure it’s appropriate for a formal occasion.

Christening Gifts

You might want to get your child a special gift to commemorate this occasion. Christening silver is always a nice keepsake, and you can find plenty of options online on sites like www.christeningsilver.com.

After the Christening

After the christening is over, you may want to have a reception ready for your friends and family to attend. This might be a small meal together with sandwiches and cakes, or perhaps something a little bigger if your relatives have travelled from far away. To make things as stress free as possible, you can make food beforehand to be warmed up when the time comes, or hire a caterer.

Make sure you take lots of pictures on your baby’s christening day to remember the occasion. They can then look back when they get a little older too! Try to keep things as simple as possible to experience as little stress as possible on the day. Good luck!

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