Take A Look At This Guide To Mothering A Toddler

Life as a mother is hard. Nobody would dare say it isn’t. There are plenty of times when the job seems to get that much harder, though! It can be particularly tough during those times that your child needs the most attention for their own safety. We all know that looking after a newborn is the toughest job in the world. You have to feed them every couple of hours, change their nappies and get them clean.

Newborns really take it out of you, because you have to be so vigilant. With little to no sleep, this is incredibly tough. Small babies are so fragile and delicate. With no sleep and a dramatically altered body, you can be the clumsiest person in the house! That is, until your newborn reaches toddlerhood. As a toddler, there could be dozens of bumps a day, as he tries to find his feet.

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Once your child reaches those wobbly days of toddlerhood, your vigilance and fear of harm kicks back in. Within just a few days, they can be off and running, getting into things you never dreamed were possible. It’s around this time that you are probably thinking about changing things around in the house, to help make life a little safer for him.

Starting with his bedroom, it could now be time to do away with the cot. Instead, a bed with protective barrier may be a better option. Once he starts to climb over the bars of the cot, it is just safer to remove them altogether. If you are buying a new bed and toddler bedding, you may want to consider a waterproof mattress protector for when you start toilet training.

You may be installing extra stair gates too. The doorway to the kitchen and the top of the stairs are new places to consider safety. Shoes and slippers now need to be functional and not just a matter of warmth. You may want to consider having your child’s feet measured professionally to be sure the shoes you are buying are a good fit.

Your garden space may now present lots of hazards you hadn’t considered before. Now your little one is unlikely to stay where you put him, you will have to be with him at all times. It’s a great time to teach him about some of the hazards around him. Plants can be ‘spiky ouch’, and steps can be ‘bumps’. Teaching him to ‘bump’ down the stairs one at a time on his bottom is a safer approach than walking. It’s unlikely he can reach the handrail securely.

Now he is beginning to walk, you may choose to get rid of your pushchair. This is a bold move, but it will help him learn to walk farther more quickly. Of course, your pace will be dramatically slowed down. And the distance you can cover is greatly reduced. It will be worth it in the end for a strong and confident walker.

Toddlerhood is one of the toughest times for a mother. Soon they’ll be running around confidently. But in the meantime, you may feel like you need eyes in the back of your head! Enjoy it while it lasts.


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