The Healthiest Takeaway Options for You and Your Little Ones

Now and then we like to treat ourselves (and our children) to a takeaway. Fast food isn’t something that should be scoffed every day. However, there’s no harm in having something naughty every once in a while. You may be surprised to learn that there are some healthier options out there too. It’s not all just greasy burgers and salty chips. To prove my point, here are the healthiest takeaway options for you and your little ones.

Chinese Food

Many people believe Chinese to be the healthiest of all the takeaway options. After all, there’s plenty of vegetables in there. Plus, don’t we all make stir fries at home? And they’re supposed to be healthy! Chinese takeaways can be filled with battered goodies and sugary sauces, however. If you want a better option, try to steer clear of anything battered. Look for wok-fried or steamed dishes instead. Fish is always a good choice. As is steamed rice. Don’t forget to go for the meal that has plenty of veggies in, too. Avoiding salty and sugary sauces is the way to go with Chinese food.


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Indian Food

Most Indian takeaway dishes contain several grams more fat than the recommended daily allowance. Hardly a healthy treat then! However, there are ways to bring all that fat content down. Primarily, go for the dishes that are sauce-free. Like Tandoori chicken, for example. Many of the sauces are packed with cream and artificial colours. So, keep away from anything that looks unnaturally red or orange. You should also only pick one carbohydrate filled side dish, such as rice or a naan bread. Don’t be greedy and go for both!

Fast Food

There are so many fast food chains out there, many of which claim to be a healthier option. Subway, we’re looking at you. Did you know there are 1,640 calories in a McDonald’s Big Tasty Burger with large fries and a banana milkshake? Even those bananas won’t save you. Go for mini portions, such as a KFC mini fillet instead. The complete KFC menu is listed on fastfoodmenuprice.com if you want to have a nose. Swap your fries for something healthier, such as a side order of corn. And ignore those ‘go large’ offers at all costs.


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Who doesn’t love pizza? You’d be hard pushed to find someone who doesn’t admit this is their weakness. Plus, it seems to be a kids’ party staple. Unfortunately, that takeaway pizza is probably one of the most fattening things you can scoff. Especially as most of us can get through a fair few slices, with sides. Your worst options are meat feasts and stuffed crusts. We won’t even get into how many calories are in those delicious dips. If you want a healthier version, then you’re best off making pizza at home. It doesn’t take too long to rustle up, and it’s fun for the kids too.

So, if you are going to treat your family to a takeaway, then it’s best to plan ahead. Make healthier choices for you and your children, so that you don’t feel so guilty afterwards. And remember, these should be a treat. Not an everyday occurrence!


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