Tips For Busy Mums: How To Keep On Top Of Your Housework

As mums, we always put our little ones first. It’s just a natural instinct to take care of our children’s needs before our own. But sometimes it is important to make some time to do the things we want and need to do, such as the cleaning, for example.

Being a full-time mummy is no easy task, there is always something that needs to be done. Babygrows to wash, nappies to change or chores to do, sometimes it can feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Childcare tasks aside, what about the housework? As a busy mummy, how on earth can you keep on top of it all?


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To help you keep on top of the housework, I have put together some simple tips below.

  1. Don’t go to bed with a messy kitchen

No matter how exhausted you are, never go to bed with a dirty kitchen. Trust me, in the morning you will regret it.

By going to bed and leaving your kitchen in a mess, you are just making more work for yourself the following day. Ask yourself whether you have time to clean the kitchen the next morning – think about getting the kids up and dressed, fed and off to nursery / school, etc.

The kitchen is the hub of the home; it is the place where you all come together as a family. By keeping the kitchen tidy, you will find it much easier to keep on top of the rest of the house.

  1. Do the laundry throughout the week

Don’t let your laundry pile up until the weekend, do a load every other day. If you leave all your laundry until the weekend, you will have far too much to do and may struggle to get on top of it.

Pop a load on every other day, that way you will find it much easier to keep on top of your washing. If time is a problem, put a load on as soon as you get up, go and get dressed and showered and then by the time you are ready for breakfast, the washing should be done.

  1. Focus on one room each day

If you have limited time for cleaning, focus on one room each day. For example, one evening clean the bathroom, the next do the living room and the following day do the hoovering. Top tip for hoovering, make sure you have a good-quality vacuum cleaner to use. For all the best vacuum info, you can have a look online. By cleaning each day, by the end of the week, you will have cleaned the most important rooms in the house.

By splitting up the cleaning, you will get more done and will have less to do on the weekends.

  1. Clean once the little ones are in bed

Once the little ones are in bed, instead of sitting down straight away, spend half an hour doing some cleaning. You would be amazed at how much cleaning you can fit into a short time frame if you focus it’s easy to get a lot done.

If you do half an hour of cleaning each evening, by Friday night you will have already done two and a half hours of cleaning.

Although keeping on top of the housework can seem tricky, there are plenty of ways you can get it all done and dusted.

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