When Turning Into A Green Monster Would Be Helpful

Bruce Banner was cursed with having two personalities after he saved a teenager from being killed by a gamma bomb, taking all of the force and radiation from the bomb.  The results of this accident as I am sure most of you will be aware is that when angered Banner would turn into a giant green monster, known as the Hulk.  It is actually a desperately a sad tale about a man who through his own scientific experimentation infects himself and turns himself into a Jekyll and Hyde type character.

The sad parts aside, I have often wondered about how different situations would turn out in life if I could turn into a giant, green She-Hulk type monster.  For example, when someone stole my parking space or parked in a family parking space without any kids in their car, I can imagine that they would change their mind and reverse out of the space if I transformed into the green monster before their eyes!  It may also teach them to be less greedy and selfish, as they don’t know who they are going to cross paths with.

Apart from confrontations and scaring idiot drivers, there would be other great advantages that would come from turning into a big monster.  As well as his super human strength, Hulk is also able to run very fast and jump very far.  This would be handy in the same way that the ability to fly that characters such as Superman and Wonder Woman have as it would mean I could get to where I needed to go in just a few giant leaps!

I also personally like the idea of being able to turn into the She-Hulk, because my husband’s favourite female character from Marvel comics has always been She-Hulk.  There is something about green skin, muscles and my long red hair that seems to tick all the right boxes for him.  So, I don’t actually think it would be a problem for our relationship.

I would also be able to use the strength and agility to do the more masculine-based DIY jobs in and outside of the house.  However, it may take some time control my strength enough so that I can use it with a certain level of finesse or I might end up initially trying to retile the roof but end up causing more damage to it in the process.

With that last point in mind, I think it is worth considering the obvious downsides.  For instance, if I got annoyed and upset over a very small and insignificant matter, I may not be able to control how I react to it.  This might mean that I overreact and go on a bashing spree around the house or neighbourhood causing untold amounts of damage and injury!  That would be a really bad way for a Wednesday afternoon to turn out!

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