Villains unleashed: hosting the perfect party

Villains unleashed hosting the perfect partyEver since the 1950s, kids have been crazy about superheroes – and supervillains. There’s so much to choose from with this theme that every child will fit in somewhere and be guaranteed to have fun. Adults can also dress up and be a part of it, so why not host a party like this for your kid?


There are lots of free templates on the web to help you make superhero party invitations, but it’s also easy to make your own. You might want to send Top Secret notifications of a secret superhero meeting, create Daily Bugle-style newspaper pages including the part announcement, or design invitations that look like comic book panels, complete with characters and dialogue.


For a classic comic book look, the house should be decorated in bright, primary colours—easy to do with streamers, balloons and paper tablecloths. Spiky cardboard bubbles containing action words like Zap! or Pow! make simple but effective wall decorations, and you can photocopy and cut up comic book pages to make bunting.


There are many ways to adapt popular party games to fit a superhero theme:

  • Use silly string to stand in for Spiderman’s web strands and see who can shoot them on target.
  • Build miniature skyscrapers out of cardboard and see who can leap them in a single bound.
  • Create a monster piñata out of papier mâché, then let the heroes battle to defeat it and ‘rescue’ its cargo of sweets.


Playing music from superhero films and TV programmes can help create the party mood, even if it’s not music the kids are immediately familiar with. You might also want to have some cartoons ready to play when you want the kids to sit and calm down for a bit.


As so often with themed parties, cupcakes come to the rescue on the food front, as you can easily decorate them with superhero symbols. Bright coloured food like jelly is good, fruit and vegetables can be promoted according to the powers they give (such as carrot sticks for super eyesight) and showing an episode of Bananaman helps you put another fruit on the menu.

When it comes to drinks, it’s all about how they’re served. Glow in the dark green beakers can make lemonade look like liquid kryptonite, while plastic flasks make bright-coloured fruit juice look like super-secret serum. Of course, you might want to have some nice wine glasses on hand too, for the grown-ups.


Superhero costumes are lots of fun to make and kids can join in, making collars or cuffs out of cardboard and designing logos to stick on their clothes. Bright coloured tights worn with shorts and shiny belts help to create the classic look.

Just in case anyone turns up without a costume, it’s worth having a few simple cardboard or plastic masks to hand, together with capes if possible. That way kids can dress up at the last minute and create their own secret identities.

Even with a few villains on the loose among the heroes, a party like this is bound to be fun for all involved.

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