Why Have Cotton Bags Become So Popular?




You might have noticed that cotton bags have become a lot more popular recently. Cotton bags are our being widely used by supermarkets and high street shops alike, and so you will have noticed the increased demand. Here are just five reasons why we think they’ve become so sought-after.

1. Eco-Friendly

In our opinion, the hands-down, number-one reason for the recent popularity of cotton bags is that they are eco-friendly. After all, this just wasn’t something that consumers were particularly bothered about a few short years ago, but now it’s seen as vital. Cotton is natural, biodegradable, and recyclable, so it fits perfectly with the 21st century’s urge towards the eco-friendly.

2. Comfort and Style

Going environmentally-friendly is great, but it’s even better when you can make the switch in style. Plastic bags for life are all well and good, but they just aren’t quite as attractive as those made from cotton, which is also far softer to the touch.

3. Utility

Cotton is soft and light, but it’s also incredibly strong. You can load one of our cotton bags up with as many books as it will hold and still not worry about rips and splits. If you can carry it, the cotton bag will be able to carry it just as well. As an added plus, cottons boasts exceptional longevity, and you can easily bring it back to prime condition just by throwing it in the washing machine.

4. Novelty

Cotton bags are popular, but they’re far from ever-present. Even though more shops are providing them, it’s still far cooler and more memorable when you’re handed a cotton bag instead of a boring old plastic one, whether you’re buying books or receiving promotional items.

5. Branding

The points listed above pretty well cover why customers have developed a love affair with cotton over plastic, but it isn’t just the customers who are benefiting. Businesses themselves love cotton bags because of the chance to add attractive branding and stand out from the crowd. Thanks to the longevity of cotton bags, they can continue reinforcing their brand for years to come.

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